Fan report and pictures from the set of W.E.
Glee's Jane Lynch: 'Vogue is a highlight'


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absolutely agree with you guys ;)
Love M <3


She is getting old of course, as we also do, but last pic is gorgeous


She really does look beautiful. I think people give her too much shit and they forget SHES'S 52 YEARS OLD! She isn't going to glam up to direct her movie that would be ridiculous.


I just hope she'll be into something more fun soon - I never looked to Madonna for spiritual messages really...


Thank you for aging Madge! You look great girl! <3 <3

Pablo Cancino

Our Madge is getting old, but not stopping to do a great job, i guess she is doing a great movie which maybe will be strongly critized, but we, her fans will love it so much because we have the ability to find her spiritual intentions and messages, we should be greatful she never stops doing art and to make us enjoy it


Great pics! Much better than many paparazzis' actually.

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