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Justin Timberlake: 'Madonna is so stubborn'

Justin Timberlake has claimed that Madonna is the most stubborn woman in the world.
The singer/actor co-wrote and produced a number of songs on Madonna's 2008 Hard Candy album.
Timberlake told Metro of Madonna: 'She's the most stubborn woman in the world. As a woman, she's the highest in stubbornness.'
'But she's very smart and incredibly cerebral. And I think that's why she's been able to change her style and image so much. Her music pays attention to what people are thinking.'



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And what is clear Madonna is turning mad with so many changes in her songs. Some versions are good, Express Yourself in the Girlie Show, Like a Prayer in the Sticky. But other like Dress you up in the Sticky are very bad. This song sounded totally differently.


When you like somebody you get on with her, it is very easy. On the other hand, it is a shame that these problems between egos have made Madonna have a weak band for her shows. I hope she gives up a bit, and gets a band like Girlie`s or Blond`s band. She needs a second drummer and a bass player again. And put the drummer on the left.

C. Gordon

That's an interesting point you make, me. When did you work with Madonna? What were you both working on? It's good to hear that someone else who's worked with Madonna has found her not to be stubborn, in contrast to Justin's experience. Perhaps when you worked with here, me, you made creative suggestions that were more to her liking, and subsequently she went along with your suggestions more readily, and therefore appeared less stubborn. Are you sure this isn't the real reason you think she's less stubborn?


Obviously, Justin is a good chap. And he recognises good things about Madonna. But he has criticised her in the past, saying her voice is like a duck`s voice.
I do not think Madonna is stubborn, on the contrary she is too good person. And she has a better attitude than the mayority of artists.
And on the other hand, it would be Madonna who should speak about younger artists. But the music industry is other world.

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