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Madonna's architect speaks out about Malawi school

US Publications: MFD

Madonna will be the cover star of MFD (Manhattan Fashion Directory) which will be released during New York Fashion Week starting Saturday 09 September.

MFD is designed to be a resource book for all those involved in the fashion industry. The directory will be available at select boutiques and hotels throughout the USA and Australia and online at


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Purchase it today online @

Vita Cardillo

Madonna personifies New York for me. Ever changing, innovative, surprising, original, a step ahead, inspiring...I could go one! The way fashion should be. Awsome reason to have this publication. I want one.

Madgey GaGa

Since that look is lifted directly from Bananarama, it is all the more surprising that the fashion industry references "Madonna's" look!



angel love

Yikes! It's $30 USD! LOL. I thought it was one of those free publications.


Does anyone know if there are more pics of her inside?

angel love

You gotta love how over 25 years later Madonna's early images are still a point of reference in the fashion community. They could have literally put any other fashion celeb on that cover (Gaga?), and they chose M's work from waaaayyyyyy back in the day. It just shows you how brilliant it all was, and how well her branding is.


Waiting impatiently for this to come out already - LOVE THE PIC!


This just goes to show how powerful Madonna is and always will be in the Fashion community. Madonna personafies the style characteristic of the street, the social elite, the cutting edge and Divinity.
She embodies true artistic creativity and always wears the clothes - Never for one minute, allowing the clothes wear her!

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