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Desperately Seeking Susan Anniversary Screening

madonnalicious reader Denise attended the 25th Anniversary Screening of Desperately Seeking Susan that took place on Thursday 23 September:

Last week I attended a 25th Anniversary Screening of Desperately Seeking Susan at the Walter Reade Theater at Lincoln Center.
There was a panel discussion afterwards with a short Q & A. The attendees included Susan Seidelman, Rosanna Arquette, Aidan Quinn, Mark Blum and some producers. There were also some of the minor characters in the audience like the Love Saves the Day clerk, Chrystal (Madonna's friend), Ian the magician and the bellhop from Atlantic City.
The highlight for me was hearing bits about Madonna. Mark Blum remarked about how during his screen test with her (they did the scene from Danceteria) she started licking and kissing his face. Susan Seidelman said to Mark after this: 'Madonna likes you!'
Also, Rosanna said she became close with Madonna during filming, even though they only had one scene together, and Madonna would come to her hotel room at 3:00am to visit. The first time Rosanna saw Madonna was in the Lucky Star video and she wondered 'who is this girl?'
Also the first time Mark Blum saw Madonna he thought she was a bike messenger because she was wearing biker shorts and had a bandana in her hair!
One interesting fact was the studio didn't want Madonna for the role, instead they wanted Ellen Barkin.

The first picture shows Rosanna Arquette, Aidan Quinn and Mark Blum and the second shows Susan Seidelman and two other producers.

Dolce & Gabbana / MDG Billboards in Milan

madonnalicious reader Giel visited Milan's Malpensa airport earlier this month and took some pictures of the huge Madonna advertising billboards on display there:

At the entrance there are giant pictures of Madonna displayed from the latest D&G campaign - to get a feeling of how big they are you can see the information monitors above the photo display.
At the end of the hall is another giant Madonna photo from the MDG sunglasses campaign. Truly stunning to see, worth a visit to the airport.
Maybe they should rename the airport in Milan Madonna airport!

Madonna's Material Girl Collection to expand

Madonna is set expand her fashion line to include swimwear.
The 52-year-old singer recently launched teen clothing range, Material Girl, with 13-year-old daughter Lourdes and the pair are keen to add more categories to their collection.
A spokesperson for the line said: 'We're focused on rolling Material Girl out into additional categories, including swim and intimates and expanding the dress assortments. We launched footwear with ballet flats this season, but we're going to expand into a full footwear collection going forward. It's all under discussion.'
Madonna has previously revealed she loved working with Lourdes, but admitted they didn't always agree on everything.
Speaking about her daughter, she said: 'I think we complement each other but we do disagree on a few things. I wouldn't have worn this flannel shirt thing but she looks good in it so what are you going to do. I'm a very proud mother.'
The collection - modelled by 'Gossip Girl' star Taylor Momsen and available to buy at US store Macy's - consists of clothes, footwear, handbags, jewellery and accessories.


Fan Report and Pictures from Macy's Party

madonnalicious reader Susan was at Macy's on Wednesday night and sent in this report and pictures from the event:

Hi there, it was an incredible party with fantastic dancers and Madonna looked totally gorgeous, as usual. We got to see Rocco dancing, and he was really good. It was so great seeing Lourdes next to her mom on stage, and her dad Carlos Leon was also there, as well as Madonna's best friend Ingrid Casares.
There were models on stage modelling the clothing line, and I even got to meet Jose (see picture below), who was a dancer from Madonna's Vogue video, the Blond Ambition tour and Truth or Dare movie as well.
The music was incredible and great to see Madonna's fans rocking out and having a great time. Was a privilege to be there!

Madonna's Daughter Lourdes: I Won't 'Go Blonde' Like Mom

Madonna's first born doesn't have any blonde ambitions!
At Wednesday's Material Girl Collection launch at Macy's in NYC, Lourdes Leon Ciccone told that she's 'allowed' to start dyeing her hair when she turns 14 next month - but the natural brunette's not interested in her mother's most famous hue.
'I wouldn't go blonde,' Lourdes told reporters.
'I'd like to do a darker color - a really dark, dark red,' she explained.
Although she's granted Lourdes permission, Madonna, 52, isn't thrilled about her eldest's upcoming experiments with hair color. 'Once you start dyeing your hair that's it,' the singer (who should know!) said. 'You have to keep dyeing it.'
Another milestone for Lourdes: She just started attending New York's LaGuardia High School. 'I love it!' Lourdes told Us. 'It's amazing!'
The famous mom and daughter collaborated on the Material Girl line. 'She has a very good sense of what works and what doesn't,' Madonna said. 'She has really great sense of style. She pretty much ran all of the meetings while I was doing other things!'
Madonna's hard-and-fast rules for parenting? 'I think it just requires a lot of time and effort and paying attention,' Madonna told Us. The singer has three other kids: Rocco, her 10-year-old son with ex husband Guy Richie, plus son David and daughter Mercy, both adopted from the African nation of Malawi.


Liz Rosenberg tells off 'Bad Girl' reporter

Madonna's longtime publicist Liz Rosenberg had to discipline a disobedient reporter at the Macy's launch of the Material Girl fashion line on Wednesday.
After Rosenberg explained to camera crews that they would get three questions each, and every question had to be about fashion, 'The Insider' reporter broke the rules on her third query: 'What do you think about Ashton and Demi breaking up?'
One witness told Page Six: 'Liz slapped the microphone out of the reporter's hand. Madonna and Lola didn't bat an eye as the mike landed at their feet. The daughter is well-trained.' Another source said, 'Liz pointed a finger at the reporter and said, 'Bad girl!' '
A journalist on the so-called 'step and repeat' line said Rosenberg particularly was trying to prevent questions about a crazed Madonna stalker who had just been arrested with a seven-inch ice pick.
'After what happened to the 'The Insider' reporter, none of us tried to ask more than three questions, and everything was about the clothes. We were so scared. Liz Rosenberg is scarier than Madonna.'
And Her Madgesty had so much security, the prime minister of Romania, Emil Boc, had trouble leaving with his entourage of 14 after doing some shopping.
Madonna's security wouldn't let the Romanian leader and his entourage exit on Seventh Avenue, where their cars were parked, and the Eastern Europeans had to walk all the way around the block.
The Material Mom later joined 300 fellow Kabbalists - including Ronald Lauder and state attorney general candidate Eric Schneiderman - at Prime Grill for the first night of Sukkot. After successfully praying for the rain to stop, Madonna left with braised short ribs to go and challah with honey.


Fan Report from Macy's

madonnalicious reader Gabriel sent in this report from the Macy's Material Girl event that took place in New York City on Wednesday:

I was at the Macy's event yesterday and wanted to give a report on it.
My friend and I arrived around 3:00pm and they had already started to set up the pink carpet area where Madonna was to arrive outside the store. Slowly but surely it seemed more and more people with ticket passes had already started to line up as well. As time came closer for Madonna to arrive things outside became more hectic they kept telling the press/photographers to go here then there so we kept following them since they would be where Madonna was to arrive.
Eventually they made everyone who wasn't media go around barricades so me and my friend decided to go inside Macy's because the store has several floors and Madonna was going to be on the 4th Floor so people where allowed up there to shop who didn't have passes. The part where Madonna was going to be at was set up like a Club/Lounge with a stage and in the middle that had a couch on it. You could see inside the sectioned off part when people would go in and out of there because there where curtains covering it from customers to look in.
Once I got inside it was amazing. There were models dancing on platforms modeling clothing from the clothing line. It seemed to take forever for Madonna to get there and to get in but well worth it! It seemed like everyone was there, some of Madonna's dancers were there, Carlos Leon, Lourdes, Gina Brooke, Liz Rosenberg, Guy Oseary, Taylor Momsen, Ingrid Casares and Rocco. It was very casual, it seemed like an after party of an event or something there was a VIP section where some of them where at that was very accesible to anyone who was in there that was so cool!
Madonna entered on the left hand side with Lourdes where the VIP section was it was so easy to see her which was so cool to us fans who were on that side. Madonna spoke and then the dance off took place as Madonna and her people watched from on stage. Madonna sat on the couch. The party was catered and had things like sushi and mini-desserts, as well as mocktails.
Madonna THANK YOU for an amazing night and please do more things like this for us fans we love you!

Events: Atlanta Madonna Event

An Evening of Art & Burlesque Inspired by Madonna Benefiting The Rainbow Center

Saturday 25 September * 8:00pm-Midnight @ dooGallery * $10 door donation

Madonna’s unfettered spirit of individuality will be used to benefit The Rainbow Center, an Atlanta-based organization who serves the needs of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered (GLBTQ), those questioning their sexual orientation and gender, their families and friends. The Rainbow Center is a community resource and support center for social, therapeutic, spiritual, educational or volunteer pursuits.

Madonna raids Lourdes' wardrobe

Madonna's 13-year-old daughter Lourdes has revealed her mother steals clothes from her wardrobe.
The 51-year-old singer - who recently launched teen clothing range, Material Girl, with 13-year-old Lourdes - often steals her daughter's style.
When asked if she ever takes clothes from her mother's wardrobe, Lourdes said: 'Oh my God. Like....all the time! But she does the same thing to me now. But it's so annoying, like, like, because my feet skipped her shoe size, and it's so frustrating.'
Meanwhile, the 'Celebration' hitmaker revealed that she loved working with Lourdes, but admitted they didn't always agree on everything.
Speaking about her daughter, Madonna said: 'I think we complement each other but we do disagree on a few things. I wouldn't have worn this flannel shirt thing but she looks good in it so what are you going to do. I'm a very proud mum tonight.'
Lourdes agreed, telling the Daily Mail newspaper: 'Yes there were definitely clashes but you know it all worked out in the end.'
The collection - modelled by 'Gossip Girl' star Taylor Momsen and available to buy at US store Macy's - consists of clothes, footwear, handbags, jewellery and accessories.


Fan report from Material Girl Collection launch party

madonnalicious reader DJ Danny Echi sent in this short report from last nights Material Girl Collection launch party:

The party was fun last night. It started at 7:10pm. M was on stage for 40 minutes. She look freakin beautiful like her Ray of light days. She didn't sing nor did she take photos with fans or gave any autographs. Her old/regular tour dancers and new dancers danced for 20 minutes and they were the show/performance. Lola sat next to M all night on stage. I'm tired!

If you were at the event last night, don't forget you can email any reports and pictures to us at [email protected]

Once More Into the Groove: Desperately Seeking Susan Turns 25

Empty out your vintage shopping bags from Love Saves the Day, unroll your fishnet stockings and dust off that pyramid jacket you claim belonged to Jimi Hendrix, because 'Desperately Seeking Susan' is a quarter-century old. This 1985 comedy-drama, which starred Rosanna Arquette as a New Jersey housewife masquerading as a bohemian Manhattanite - and, by the way, provided Madonna with her first lead role in a movie - was for a generation of viewers an introduction to New York’s downtown counterculture and its motley fashion sensibility.
Now the film plays like a cinematic time capsule, filled with endearingly grimy places, authentic and imagined, and distinctive personalities that have vanished from the city.
To celebrate the 25th anniversary, the Film Society of Lincoln Center is hosting a screening of the film at the Walter Reade Theater on Thursday evening that will be attended by its director, Susan Seidelman; its screenwriter, Leora Barish; and the producers Sarah Pillsbury and Midge Sanford.
ArtsBeat spoke recently to Ms. Seidelman (who went on to direct 'She-Devil,' 'Gaudi Afternoon' and episodes of 'Sex and the City,' among other projects) about the making of 'Desperately Seeking Susan,' her memories of New York in the ’80s and, of course, Madonna. These are excerpts from that conversation.

Q.Twenty-five years after the fact, what are you most looking forward to about this particular showing of 'Desperately Seeking Susan'?
A.I haven’t seen a lot of the actors and crew members in a while, but I haven’t seen it on a big screen in many, many years, so I’m just as curious to see how New York has aged. It was a very different place back then, especially downtown. Young people didn’t have to move out to Brooklyn and Queens to find affordable housing.

To read the rest of the interview with Susan visit

Pugs in the city....and on the set of W.E.

Patti Whittier writes on her blog about how she (and her pugs) got picked to become extras on Madonna's W.E. earlier this month:

My dogs have gotten me a lot here. Friends, more friends and now a movie role. Well, a role as an extra, and I got to see Madonna, up close. And I have to say, she is fabulous. Tiny, thin, beautiful skin, looking fantastic in jeans, white tee, white leather Adidas and funky glasses.

I had to sit and wait outside because Madonna had to approve my hair, makeup and wardrobe. That’s when I first saw her. She came towards me and said, 'where is hair? Fix this flippy thing.' She touched my hair and then walked away. Hair came over and tucked in this piece of hair, put more hairspray on it and done.

To read the full story of the day on set visit

Thanks to Maurice

Liz Smith on Madonna the director

US newspaper columnist Liz Smith watched and spoke to Madonna on the last day of filming for W.E. in New York City:

'Can’t we get this crane any higher? Why won’t this crane do as I say?!'
That was a frustrated but still merry Madonna last Friday in Central Park, directing the final day of shooting her labor of love, 'W.E.'
Madonna as director seems to have found herself - another reinvention. She was dressed in running shoes, an unglamorous tracksuit, with her hair pulled up and sporting prim eyeglasses. She wore no makeup. For all the unflattering photos the tabloids and gossip sites love to use, she looked quite fresh. (Maybe not working out as much helps?)
Madonna was in full control but apparently getting along with her entire crew, many of whom were British. (Take that, Guy Ritchie!)
'She’s nothing like I expected,' said one member of the crew. 'Not only does she know what she’s doing, she’s nice about it. And when she doesn’t know, she doesn’t pretend - she listens and absorbs.' Another said: 'This has been a good experience for her, I’d say it was No Drama Madonna.'
Two of Madonna’s female stars were on hand, Abbie Cornish, looking sexy in stiletto heels and a cinched trench coat, and Andrea Riseborough, who was costumed and made up to resemble the late Duchess of Windsor, in a gray suit. The likeness was uncanny. (The movie switches back and forth between the love story of Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII - who gave up his throne for her - and a modern-day tale of a girl who identifies with the Duchess.)
At one point, a nearby band was noisily rehearsing for a concert in the park. Madonna pulled off her headphones, jogged toward the Bandshell (followed by 15 crewmembers and about 200 onlookers). She asked the band if they could hold off for about an hour. 'I’ll be done by then, I promise.' She returned to the set giggling, 'You know what they were called? Ween. I don’t know, I think I’m just overtired, I find that hilarious.' One of the crew asked how she’d gotten them to stop. 'Well, I had to beat them up. We had a big rumble. Everybody knows what a tough broad I am.'
Yeah, tough. All five feet four of her. She looked more like an elf than one of the most iconic showbiz figures of all time.
Then it was back to business. The troublesome crane? Madonna eyed it warily. 'It was so expensive. I’m going have to tour again to pay for that damn thing.' Then she grinned. ' know, Ween has a crane, and I think theirs is bigger. I wonder if they’d do a girl another favor?'
In the end, the sweeping skyline shot that Madonna wanted simply couldn’t be achieved. She took it like a trooper and mingled with her 'guys' until all the equipment was packed up and ready to go. She said, 'You know, it’s funny, this is the last day of shooting, and we’re shooting the last scene. The first day we shot, in England, we shot the very first scene of the movie. Everything else was out of sequence, the way it usually is when you make movies. It’s unique for it to happen this way. I hope it’s a good sign.'
I asked her if she’d enjoyed directing and if she missed performing and recording. 'I loved it. It was the most consuming, difficult thing I’ve ever done.' (If a task is not difficult, Madonna cannot relate.) 'As for the rest, I’m sure I’ll perform again, but this job isn’t over. Now comes the editing!'
Madonna - her own story is far from over.

From - thanks to Alex

Macy's Material Girl Event Buildup

madonnalicious reader DJ Johnny Blaze was #17 in the queue on Sunday to get a pass to see Madonna at Macy's on Wednesday. Here is his story and pictures of the new window displays, the queue and the pass:

I got to Macy's at 7:00am on Sunday morning the line wasn't that crazy, thank God. About 30 minutes before the store opened they gave everyone a number to guarantee that we will get a pass for the party so we don't have to hurry and run getting items. Everything went pretty well, I've found some great bargains as some of the items were on sale which is great. I got my pass and now I'm looking forward to see Madonna on Wednesday!

Cruise and Madonna were first choices for Goodfellas

Superstars Tom Cruise and Madonna were movie bosses' first choices for the lead roles in iconic 1990 mafia movie Goodfellas.
Studio chiefs were desperate to cast Cruise in the role of mobster Henry Hill and Madonna was wanted to play his wife - until Ray Liotta and Lorraine Bracco won over Scorsese and the movie's producers.
Speaking to GQ magazine on Goodfellas' 20th anniversary, producer Irwin Winkler admits, 'Tom Cruise was discussed. Marty wanted Ray....Frankly I thought we could do a lot better and then me and my wife were having dinner one night in a restaurant and lo and behold, Ray Liotta came over to me. He said, 'Look, I know you don't really want me for it, but....' And he sold me on the role right that evening. I called Marty the next morning.'
Bracco beat out Madonna for the role of Karen Hill, despite Scorsese initially favouring the Material Girl.
Fellow producer Barbara De Fina says, 'Madonna seemed to be in the mix. I remember that we went to see her in the play Speed-the-Plow. Marty said hello to her afterwards. Can you imagine? Tom Cruise and Madonna? But Marty can get a performance out of almost anyone.'


Details on how to attend Madonna's event at Macy's

madonnalicious reader Julia Repeta has provided a clearer picture of the promotional poster and details of how to attend Madonna's Material Girl Collection dance party at Macy's on Wednesday 22 September.

Beginning Sunday, 19 September make a $75 purchse from the Material Girl Collection designed by Madonna and her daughter Lola and you'll score a pass to this star studded dance party.

Events subject to change or cancellation. While supplies last. Limited to the first 350 customers who make a qualifying purchase at Herald Square location beginning at store opening on 9/19/10. No photos or autographs. One pass per customer.

Fan Pictures: W.E. in Williamsburg

madonnalicious reader DJ Johnny Blaze had the opportunity again to watch Madonna on the set of W.E. giving directions in Williamsburg yesterday (Wednesday 15 September) as his pictures below show:

It was so much fun to be on the set today, the paparazzi, the neighbors, the crew and the whole commotion of the area. I had a great time watching Madonna working it was a great experience to be in her presence and so up close.

Guilty Pleasure: Personal Revelations Through The Material Girl

I keep expecting an intervention; my family draped over my living room furniture, their hands cautiously wrapped around a stack of CDs, my black iPod, the shower stereo. I open the kitchen door everyday, tie collared around my neck, dressed for a day at the bank, expecting a sticky note to be angrily stabbed against my rusting apartment number: Please stop blaring Madonna at 8 in the morning!
I keep expecting my boyfriend to walk into the kitchen-eyes puffy from sleep, searching for a coffee mug-and say, 'Must you reenact the opening of The Confessions Tour every morning?'

To read the rest of Greg M. Schumaker's essay on how Madonna came into his life and became his 'guilty pleasure' visit

Taylor Momson on being Madonna's muse

Taylor Momson was interviewed by UK newspaper the Sunday Mirror and briefly mentioned what it was like to be Madonna's Material Girl fashion range muse:

'I get told all the time that I'm a fashion icon now, but I don't really know what that means. I just get dressed. But yeah it's great when I'm called Madonna's muse. She's an icon. So to be asked to model for her line was an honour.
She came to the shoot and took some pictures. She's hand-on with the styling and was ripping up shirts and stuff and even took some of the pictures.
Lourdes is a smart, super-talented girl. She was more on top of things and organised than some of the adults there. Madonna said she was a fan of my band (The Pretty Reckless), hopefully she'll come to see a show at some poiny when she's not jet-setting across the world.'

Madonna rides the New York subway

Who's that girl? Used to causing a commotion wherever she goes, here's a totally incognito Madonna - sans makeup, boy toy, kids or fans - on a rare foray in the subway, hanging with sweaty riders who all but ignored the dressed-down Material Girl on a schlep downtown.
Sipping on a San Pellegrino Limonata soda and ridiculously overdressed for the hellishly hot underground in a jacket, scarf and baseball cap, Madge was joined Tuesday by two men and a young woman who helped her blend in with the hoi polloi.
'I don't mind you taking my photo, but be discreet,' she told a lensman who spotted the 52-year-old Material Girl at the F-train station beneath 57th Street and Sixth Avenue.
At a train change in SoHo, one teenage boy sauntered up to a stranger on the platform and asked, 'Who's that?'
Getting no answer, the teen then walked nearer to the star, stared, circled around to the back of her buff behind - and then gave up, wandering away puzzled.
Madonna and her pals ended their ride at a downtown station, where they were met by the exercise-loving mom of three's beefy driver-bodyguard. They then stopped at a bodega to buy beverages, a source said.
'Oh, that was Madonna?' the store owner sputtered after the visitors left. 'I thought it could have been her, but I wasn't sure.'

From the New York Post

W.E. Premiere Tickets Up For Auction

Madonna is auctioning off the opportunity for two fans to go to the premiere of her new film, W.E. in New York City.

The proceeds will benefit The Ellen Hermanson Foundation, a non-profit organization that is committed to helping breast cancer patients and their families cope with the changing nature of the physical and emotional aspects of breast cancer.

Bidding is open now through Wednesday 08 September (14:10pm EDT) at:

Thanks to Don