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Fan Report and Pictures from Macy's Party

madonnalicious reader Susan was at Macy's on Wednesday night and sent in this report and pictures from the event:

Hi there, it was an incredible party with fantastic dancers and Madonna looked totally gorgeous, as usual. We got to see Rocco dancing, and he was really good. It was so great seeing Lourdes next to her mom on stage, and her dad Carlos Leon was also there, as well as Madonna's best friend Ingrid Casares.
There were models on stage modelling the clothing line, and I even got to meet Jose (see picture below), who was a dancer from Madonna's Vogue video, the Blond Ambition tour and Truth or Dare movie as well.
The music was incredible and great to see Madonna's fans rocking out and having a great time. Was a privilege to be there!


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angel love

Jose did not get to speak to Madonna. He was even trying to get Liz Rosenberg's attention, but she was too far away from him. The music was loud and she couldnt hear him. It was great to see him there with all the fans. I guess he's still a fan too.

And he was also in the Justify My Love video! HELLO. We can't forget that one!


OMG I can't believe Hose was there? Can we find out if he went to see Madge Backstage or not? I want to hear more about any possible interactions between them lol. Please post more info on that if you can. Thanks.


So sweet Madge <3 I love her ^^

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