Joe Henry would be excited to produce Madonna's album
US TV: Madonna to appear on the Late Show


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I agree...a true ICON transcends record sales, charts etc. Madonna has already made her mark as a living Legend...and is now using her power to raise awareness and compassion. This is incredibly positive.
If every single person on this planet did something compassionate no matter how big or small, the world will shift to a much better place. Madonna is proving that the ego can be diminished with consciousness.
She is truely amazing.


is madonna going to perform. I would love it if she did. i assume no because she's organizing it, but does anyone know?


Well, this is good news. She may be the biggest star in the world but giving back makes her all the more popular in my eyes.

Being receptive to the world around you and having Madonna's passion to make the world aware she really does attain true 'ICON' status in my opinion.

Anything that makes you think in these times is an incredibly positive thing.

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