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Tour rumours already started by UK press

This story was started today about an 'upcoming tour' by UK newspaper the Daily Mirror:

Madonna has been auditioning dancers for her 'most unexpected' tour to date.
The 'Material Girl' singer - who is set to embark upon a six-month tour next autumn - road-tested dancers at the prestigious Aura nightclub in London's Mayfair district to find the perfect people to fit in with the 'hip-hop' feel of the tour.
An insider said: 'Madonna is in peak condition so the gruelling aspect of life on the road isn't a problem. She road-tested dancers at her favourite London club, and had her lover Jesus Luz give his opinion.'
The performers showcased their talents in a cordoned off area of the popular nightspot, while the 51-year-old singer and her 23-year-old model lover graded each of them individually.
The as-yet unnamed tour - which is part of Madonna's deal with Live Nation - is expected to net the singer in excess of £100 million, and will see her 'go back to her roots'.
The source added to the Daily Mirror newspaper: 'It's going to be her biggest, most unexpected tour to date. She is going back to her New York City roots, with a street/hip-hop feel, and wants to make it a physical, dance-heavy set of gigs.'
Madonna's last tour - 'Sticky and Sweet' - finished last September.

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Ivor Jones

It report says NEXT AUTUMN not this Autumn


Sorry but this is another false story, Her Madgesty doesn't have a record deal at the moment, Aura is closed right now, she is still working on her movie which is going to take a while and Jesus Luz is not even in the country, asides from that, they aren't lovers...

Oh dear, poor journos....


Madonna is focused on her movie right now. After filming she will over see the edit and the promotion. I am sure it will get a Christmas release and a wide release in early 2011. I sure she is hoping for it to garner awards. New music will follow whether an EP or a full disc a tour will be created to support Celebration and the NEW music. At the TOUR is more important than the tour for LIVE NATION. What she needs is a lead single and one/two other songs to carry a new era.

I think Madonna should call her next tour "The Love Tour". Mixing songs from Everybody to Celebration. All based with the look and feel of people coming today for love in different ways, through dance,tears,sweat,and the future! Using huge hits and songs that have never been performed like Angel,Bad Girl and Nothing Really Matters.

I do not want to see a rehash of Confessions or Stick and Sweet! I want bigger and well no repeats!

If anyone wants to discuss their tour idea for set lists or merchadise hits up! It's always fun to talk about the world of Madonna.


As they say never belief everything what the press say. Most of the time they don't get their facts right.


I'm sure this report is false....she will still be filming W.E. into the late summer and has no new musical material to promote with a world's amazing how "journalists" just make things up for readership.




This sounds like an old report leading up to the Sticky and Sweet Tour.

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