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Madonna casts Fox family for Wallis Simpson film

MDG in Venice

Here are some more pictures of the huge MDG billboard that is in St Mark's Square, Venice. The first two pictures were taken by madonnalicious reader Andrew.

And these two pictures below were taken by madonnalicious reader Ruslan.


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I'd much rather see Madonna there than a picture of a big McDonald's hamburger.....


yes monuments must be respected but I think that billboard looks very very beautiful among those great buildings, it's a sophisticated ad!


Whatever, but this shows such lack of respect, to bury history under consumerism.


Wow funny a fellow Madonna fan would say that. I love and respect architecture and completely understand your point of view. But I'm just so personally upset about it because I went to Italy last year this time and was right there. I would have freaked to see that billboard. I would have had to do a photo shoot in front of it like I did when I went to Canada and there was a huge Star Trek billboard. However I would love to ask random people there, what they think the sign is about, new tour with clothes by D&G, Rings by D&G, New album ect. But thats always how great fashion advertisements are like. because if you don't know you just don't have style lol


It doesn't even look real.


I absolutely subscribe to Tom B.'s every single word!

Tom B.

HORRIBLE! It ruins the entire view of the square. Terrible that a square like that is being used for a billboard that size. Should be prohibited.

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