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Madonna 'set to move back to London'

More gossip from the London press today (Evening Standard), this time reporting that Madonna is thinking of moving back to London!

Madonna is reportedly planning to move back to Britain.
The singer - who relocated from London to New York following her divorce from film director Guy Ritchie in 2008 - is currently in London directing her new movie 'W.E.', about late British monarch King Edward VIII's decision to abdicate the throne for his American divorcee lover Wallis Simpson.
Despite originally planning to only stay for the six-month shoot, Madonna has rediscovered her love for the UK capital and told ex- husband Guy she wants to move back to Britain for good.
An insider told the Daily Star: 'Guy says she talks about their home in Wiltshire, the kids and their friends in London. She seems nostalgic for her old life. She had built up a big circle of friends and fell in love with London. She'll always love New York but she feels more at ease in London.'
Madonna - who has four children, Lourdes, 13, Rocco, nine, Mercy, five, and four-year-old David - is believed to be keen to move back to Britain so she can reconnect with her old friends.
The source explained: 'The person she spends most time with is her daughter Lourdes but she is desperate for more adult company.'


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I agree with Angel Love....I live in Manhattan and my dermatologist office is down the street from her new place on 81st Street....I walked past it last week on my way home and the place is completely scaffolded and with a full construction crew onsite, so I doubt she'd just buy it and renovate it for laughs...she also said on Letterman that Lourdes is beginning high school in NY this fall so doubtful she'll live full time in London.


I've always thought M would come back to London. That said, with her wealth, she can easily split her time between London and NYC.

angel love

I think this story is rubbish. Although I believe Madonna will always spend a considerable amount of time in London, let's not forget that she spend $32 Million dollars on a new home in NYC which she hasnt even moved into yet. If anything, it will be a 50/50 split of her time between London & NYC.

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