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Joe Henry would be excited to produce Madonna's album

Joe Henry, the Grammy-winning producer and performer (and Madonna's brother-in-law) spoke to Jam! showbiz recently and was asked about collaborating with Madonna again:

What about producing an album for Madonna?
Don't think we haven't talked about it. When she's ready to make that shift, it's easily done. I think it's just a matter of her getting to the point creatively where she is completely at peace with swimming in different water. I believe we'll get there. And I'll be terribly excited about it when it happens.

Read the full interview at jam.canoe.ca/Music/Artists/H/Henry_Joe


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They should DEFINITELY produce an album together....after Patrick Leonard's collaborations, I think he's contributed to some of her most "lush" and melodic songs off the last few albums....a musical side to M albums that I've been missing. He did Don't Tell Me, Jump and Devil Wouldn't Recognize You.


Joe is married to her youngest sister, Melanie and has also collaborated on the songs "Jump" on Confessions on a Dance Floor and "Devil Wouldn't Recognize You" on Hard Candy.

Jimmy hanley

Madonna needs to do a album also a mature theme no more dance albums she is 52 come on girl grow with us !!


i believe he's a country singer thats married to madonnas younger sister-paula???x


He wrote or co-wrote "Don't Tell Me" for Madonna's Music album. It was a big hit in the year 2000.


oh my god oh my, please please please release another album!!! but does anyone know the first album madonna worked on with this guy, so i know if hes good or not?

keith castellano

please madonna make a new album....ur devoted fans will truly love u for it... 2011 tour? maybe please....for me ur biggest fan ever ........and isnt joe henry someone who wrote steamy windows for tina turner?

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