Events: Madonnarama in Atlanta
VH1 Do Something Awards 2010


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I know that Nicki had a got married and had a baby during the Re-Invetion & Confessions Tour and that Donna was pregnant during Stick & Sweet Tour.....but HOPEFULLY they can all get back together for the next tour....not to re-hash the old musical stuff cause it's been done, but just the simple fact that they vocally work together and their chemistry all together is excellent.


I have several of Donna's CD's; she has a very beautiful voice and is awesome live; saw her at a Yoga festival & Yoga conference w/Shiva Rea (Yoga Trance Dance) - Awe-inspiring people; like M


i think madonna & nicky fell out.nicky was interviewed for a programme about madonna & her men a few years ago-& she wasnt very complimentary about M.xx


Donna is great! I had the pleasure of doing her makeup for a tv show she was on in Vancouver. Such a sweet person :)


Uhhhh, because Donna has such a long-running relationship with Madonna.

I see nothing wrong with posting it here.



So, I've wondered for a while now, has Donna now completely seperated herself from working with Madonna completely?

I know she didn't go on the last tour with her (I heard because of other performance commitments as well as a second pregnancy) but does that mean she has now severed with M?

I too miss the Madonna, Niki and Donna days. They harmonized and clicked (on stage) with her like no one can. There talents were so complementary of each other. Heck, didn't Niki even choreograph the original MTV Express Yourself performance?


Why this is posted on ?????

Posted by: Ammar | Friday, 23 July 2010 at 04:37 AM

Errrr, because the Webmistress who owns, pays for and gives up HER OWN time to run this site for the benefit of her fans decided to, that's why!

Many fans, myself included, are interested in all things Madonna-related.

Clare - thanks for posting about the event and I hope those people who can go to see Donna have a fab time. I would! I was lucky enough to see Nicky Harris at GAY a few years back and got to meet her afterwards - it was fab! Oh, and she even spoke to me about what it was like working with M... ;-)


Why this is posted on ?????

Donna Delory has her own site and fans !!!!
and that event has NOTHING to do with madonna !!


Man! why donna and original nicky don't come back with madonna?? the were great together! the original voices in oldies songs live! I don't like the currents back up singers. The oldies don't sound very good live like before, for example like a prayer.


I love Donna lol

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