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Madonna and the Material Girl collection

Material Girl Collection Teaser Advert

The advertising campaign for Madonna and Lourdes Material Girl Collection for Macy's (which is due to hit stores on Tuesday 03 August) has started with the release of this teaser advert. Who do you think the celebrity 'material girl' is in the advert? Hit the 'Comments' button below this story to add your ideas.

This HQ version of the teaser advert has also been released - click to enlarge.


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Jose Antonio Diaz

To Lola...

Your mom and I go way back! Stay strong with you ideas! I'm a hairstylist her in NYC on 77th and Lexington. You clothing will Rock... Remember the boys too? We love tee and fun hats. I hope to work with you one day! I'm at Bleu sur Bleu Salon...

Jose Antonio


she's not already a celebrity but she could be lola with dyed hair of course!

john suddes

Yeah I think it is Taylor Momsen and I also hope it is not as it would be a bad choice. The path she is going down is a rock star image not something most parents would want for their 12-13 year old daughters. If it is her then they will end up pulling the campaign in a few months after she is busted for ****s or something


It is Taylor. Its her Default pic on her facebook.


That's exactly who I was thinking! It has to be here. She's perfect for it.


its totally taylor momset

Jessie Madrigal

Could it be Taylor Momsen? I hope it isn't, she's so trashy


Taylor Momson from Gossip Girl

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