Madonna buffs up townhouse
Desperately Seeking Susan in Los Angeles

Madonna inside a Dolce & Gabbana family story

Dolce & Gabbana's official website have previewed the first picture from Madonna's forthcoming Autumn/Winter advertising campaign.

For autumn winter 2010-2011, Dolce&Gabbana tells us a black and white story celebrating the power of charisma framed by the faces of a glorious Italian family.
This winter's Dolce&Gabbana womenswear advertising campaign is like a family photo album where dignity, beauty find all their ways of expression: an impromptu tango in the living room, a heartfelt laughter luminescent in form, faces, serious, proud.


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Darra DeParis

She look amazing! Madonna you are the Queen of all Queens and forever I adore you!

de Sascha

Wow.. And that's a 51 year old woman! Sexy!


These pix are awesome!

Richie Sauls

The post-production on D&G's images is of inferior quality in this and the previous campaign, there is no getting away from that.


I love this add...
She is such a f&cking sexy cougar hahaha

she is the best!

Hecky Santos

Oh, the model looks a lot like her. Same nose, same chin, same lips. Even the eyebrows are similar to original Madonna's. Good pick. She looks beautiful.


hot as always!!!

alan villaganes

very malena


Am i the first one to notice she looks like monica belucci in Malena?

"Of all the girls who asked me to remember them, the only one I remembered is the one who did not ask."

It is almost as though the young guy's wish was granted.


Think she looks BA and she will allways look FAB but it looks like her face has been super imposed on her body!!!


Yeah as pure as the photo re-touchers digital airbrush...LOL.


She is so beautiful. So pure. There is and there will be only one Madonna. Only one Queen. Forever.

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