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Guetta: 'I was unlucky with Madonna'

David Guetta has suggested that record label issues may prevent the release of his collaboration with Madonna.
The DJ and producer confirmed to The Guardian that he and Madonna recently wrote and recorded a track together.
Guetta said: 'It's a tricky situation, because she's now out of a record deal. We don't even know what's going to happen with it. It's a huge record, so it's really frustrating.'
'The track is part of the Warner deal, but it's not on the album, so why would they invest any money in it? I was really unlucky with that one.'

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I totally disagree with you RL Revolver is an excellent tune and there are two amazing remixes within the release. For you to say " had her most horrible song produced by him " is total nonsense.


Funny you should say that, Jennifer: I was also under the impression that the Live Nation deal was not just about concerts, but also about releasing music. That said, at the time I was rather surprised that Live Nation were moving into a different area. It was only when I read an interview with M a while back that I realised she no longer has an official record deal.

Mind you, this has happened many times in the past: I recall that - at one point - Diana Ross didn't have a record deal, either. I am very surprised that M left Warner Bros without a follow-on deal.


I thought Madonna was no longer on a curent contract with Warner Records after the release of 'Hard Candy'. Was Warner supposed to get a cut from this single? Maybe that "cut" was a little too much..hehe


Thank god it will not get a release.
His projects are all horrible !
Poor Kelis and Kelly
and Madonna had her most horrible song produced by him!


what HAS happened with live nation???very starange going on me thinks!! thought she'd left warner to record for them?? & what happened to her own label maverick?? why cnt she just set up on her own??? very odd!!x

John Fraser

what??? more details please!!


WHAT!!! Warner just release it quit being so anal and do it lol :)


Surely there'a away around that David. You're the hot DJ on the scene and with Madonna's status, i'm sure something can be worked out.


That's totally uncool. I love "Sexy Bitch" so I'm sure whatever they've done together would be awesome. Why doesn't she have a record deal? What happened to Live Nation?

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