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tracey lee

i can't wait to madonna live again with the cast of glee live with madonna.


I love you


I really love most of these photos, its an improvement on this years. Wonder why she doesn't use new photo's anymore though? James

Andy aka. DubVersion

> FAIL <

What are you playing at Mads. I remember countless interviews in the 90's where you stated that you would not return to things you had already done! Shame on you. I will remain a loyal fan but the fire my heart needs fanning so come on, get this film out of the way and give us some true mad's magic. I'm hoping for another Like a Prayer or Ray of Light return to form... come on girl, you can do this...


fo yo ar ftill howiet after this yaris. so yo ar steill kewll tow go go. ladie a goe goe, is nott that new either. so that is fine, if yo noe it.

shur thefe ar ntt gret, yah right.:)

weell okey, than
s s s
s s S

Allie M

Hmmm I agree if she can take the time to do photo shoots she should be getting a few extra for the calendar. Really I could just put the old one back up :(


I agree. This is getting very boring. I want to support my favorite artist by purchasing her official merchandise, but when it is just a rehash of old stuff I am not going to do it. Madonna needs to show us she cares a little about what she expects us to purchase by showing a little interest in giving us something new.


totally agree-i cant remember the last time she produced a decent calendar with unseen photos!!! same year after year-& its out in july!!!!! i find the unofficial ones are usually better pictures.xx


I don't really like it when they drag out old photos for the calendar. It makes them no different than the unofficial calendars on the market.

There was a time when an official calendar had it's own photo shoot, and I think they should bring that back asap! and stop trying to rip the fans off!


Madonna is the greatest singer this world~
I'm her fan from Taiwan.


1! 2! 3! 4! 5! All together now!


OMG! She's a beautiful angel! She's THE beautiful one! From the back to the front! Oall the way! I would love to be a little bird and follow her everywhere...


Boo. This is the third calendar in a row that is primarily a retrospective. At least give us some unpublished pics.

Tony Parvia

great cover, but why must we endure yet another calendar made up of previous images through the years? the concept is getting boring - come on M, pull ur finger out!

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