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Madonna Talks 'W.E.' Film, Gets Glamorous In Interview


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sex + art = madonna. love it!


calm down jeffrey, I'm sure madonna will make a great record the next time, give her time to get inspired, she know what it takes to surprise us, her fans!


i absolutely agree with jeffery-gorgeous pics-& i wish i looked that good-BUT-we have seen it before-very sex book era.please,please-go & make a decent album-& dont use all these people who are cool at the moment-madonna DID lead-what happened???stop trying to be down with the kids-& remember the fans who put you were you are today!!im not saying that she shouldnt move with the times-just dont become sad!!youre so much more than that!!xx


I love those pics. It reminds me of her look from the early nineties. Blonde and ultra glamourous.


I have to say I absolutely love Madonna, but we have all seen this before. Can we move on from the religous iconography already. She's been there, done that. Let's concentrate on giving the world another kick ass album like True Blue and Like a Prayer. Please, please Madonna, stay away from rappers like Lil Wayne, who do nothing to contribute to your music. You used to lead the pack, not follow it. You are the QUEEN of POP, remember that, and please stop regurgitating the same stuff, it is beneath you.


madonna does know how to surprise us!!! love this pics she's stunning!!!


I love this f@#ckin spot on


absolutely precious. love the vibe.
good to see baron contributin again.


I personally think this is a fantastic, wow, nice job, nice one.... it remains me Madonna early 90´s.


it must be said that M looks amazing!

Black Heart

OMG! This shoot is almost a combination of Erotica, Like A Prayer, True Blue, Pre-Madonna and a little bit of Hard Candy.....

David Mattern

WOW! HOT! The camera loves Madonna like Romeo loved Juliet!


Looking like the 80's and 90's Madonna, WOW :-)


OMG! It's about time! This is the Madonna I have missed. I need an eyepatch now!-Maheatha


At least something good! Hopefully to be continued...


THIS is the Madonna that I fell in love with. Soooooooo freakin' hot!

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