'Glee' Lynch hoping for more Madonna
Madonna and Glee hit the top in Australia!


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I think it's safe to say that they likely didn't have a falling out just like Madonna and Jesus never broke up. Tabloids are just looking to make a story where there isn't one.

C. Gordon

Yes, I wasn't aware they'd fallen out either. And maybe you Linda, like I, have been following Madonna's every move, so I suspect it's the musings of a sad old hack, guessing what would be good to write with a picture of Madonna and Gwyneth... Meaningless verbiage, to pad out the column inches in addition to the (quite nice, I may add) picture.

Linda in Melbourne

I wasn't really aware they had a falling out....where have I been?!


what a beautiful woman madonna is... ohh I love those eyes! gwyneth is pretty too, but madonna has such a unique face!

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