Norton: Madonna is 'Holy Grail' of guests
Glee creator confirms Madonna sequel


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She requested to only do the shot if there was no photoshoppin' involved. I heard that her skin is so amazin' that it hardly needs touching. Also, the photo where she is holding the world - in the corset, (came out around 4 minutes song...)Anyway, the publication mention that there was hardly touch up to the photo - only skin tone and nothing else.

all i can say is WOW!

Madonna Turkey

70s, 80s, 90s... 2000! 2010! Still the best, always and forever!


Too bad they invited Photoshop and the like.

Franca Granwich

Of course she's photoshopped, plus she's has alot of plastic surgery. We'd all be the most beautiful women in the world too. You can't believe everything you read, it's just NOT TRUE>

Byron Monte

well, love maddy to death! and always will..but, as great as she looks for 51, these (and all her publicity shots)are photoshopped to the hilt! madonna's face these days is kind of a's not what she really looks like. but it's all good! i stil love, i will love and always have loved her image...but let's not say she doesn't use photoshop. xoxo


I just want to know where she got those insane control top panties.


I think that the mag deliberately showed the fishnet stocking marks to create the illusion that the photo had been untouched. Her face, arms and hands definitely would have been photoshopped. All photos these days are retouched no matter what age. She looks great as always.


She is the most beautiful woman on earth.

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