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Madonna responds to Malawi court decision

Madonna has issued a statement over the Malawi court ruling handed down to a gay couple in the country - for more information on the story visit

'I am shocked and saddened by the decision made today by the Malawian court, which sentenced two innocent men to prison.
As a matter of principle, I believe in equal rights for all people, no matter what their gender, race, color, religion, or sexual orientation.
Today, Malawi took a giant step backward. The world is filled with pain and suffering; therefore, we must support our basic human right to love and be loved.
I call upon the progressive men and women of Malawi - and around the world - to challenge this decision in the name of human dignity and equal rights for all.'

Fans can add their name to a petition to support Madonna's stand for equal rights in Malawi at


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I am, completely, with Madonna. She's very intelligent and she has created great pieces of art. Her contribution to music and show business has been awesome. This statement (about the 2 men being senteced to 14 years of imprisonment just beacause they love each other) says a lot about the Queen of pop. We have to sign her petition and contribute to the justice in this world. We can not over look this serious matter; We have to be generous and think about the ones who are suffering wihtout any help.

bryan tucker

good for her i love her way to go madonna i think alot of stars who claim to be gay frendly need to do more for stuff like this and not stay silent theirs alot of second and third world countries who treat gays and lesbians the same way with no rights


Madonna you are so amazing...... this world need more people like you........ Keep up the good work.....


Madonna owes everything to the LGBT communities of the world. We have been her biggest supporters and fans (source of income), inspiration and influence, and most loyal and hardworking collaborators and employees. I agree with RadioFlyer and wish she would speak up more often, especially in North America - something I really haven't seen enough of in the last decade.


I'm happy to see Madonna speaking up about GLBT issues. I wish she did more of that, especially here in the US.


Great! I was waiting for Madge to respond to this! long live the queen!!


Well, I sure wish she spoke more openly defending GLBT issues. After all, we are her bff's. There are plenty of issues here in the U.S..


This may just be the best thing Madonna has ever said!!!

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