'Glee' Madonna Soundtrack Could Top Billboard 200 Next Week
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I have been a Madonna fan right from the start in the 80s, but only the most blinkered of fans can say that she has *always* made decent music. There have been some abolsute howlers, as I would hazard there have been in even the most revered of musician's catalogues.

Unlike a lot of fans (which, of course, is an abberviation for 'fanatic' (which isn't actually a nice term as it goes!)), I am big enough to not fawn that everything she has done is fantastic!


More than anything they just look awkward


yes, that suit look like Tom Hanks in "BIG" when he shrunk and suit didn't.lolol..


I think it's old world Italian. A continuation from the Spring photos. The boy shown with her is her "son" and she is the Mother of all Mothers! I am sure once the color is adjusted and the airbrush machine takes effect the pictures will look stunning. I was not a fan of the Spring photos until a recent trip to LA where I saw them mile high and covering the widows...AMAZING! On a side note I think that the best photos to date are the MDG sunglasses offical pics! We love a sexy Madonna!


he's too young loking /like 15 or so / YUK !


bristar...she always makes decent music, dont tell me you stoped in the 80's too.


im sorry but for suit that probably costs in excess of $2000, could they please make sure the leg is not too long for the guy!!!!!
IT blooming horrible that photo

Kool Kyle

I kind of agree. part of me wishes she would get back into a recording studio but part of me feels the world needs a break from her. She really needs to take time to think about her next musical direction and find a new sound. And she desperately needs a new look. I LOVE her blond but during this break, I wish she would go back to her dark hair. She has had the same look for too long.


I just wish she'd get back in the studio and make some decent music *sighs*


she looks FABULOUS and the men just get younger! i wish i had that problem!


Is she acting like his mother or like his cougar?

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