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madonnalicious reader Axel has contacted us to get this message to all fans who may have noticed that lots of personal Madonna-related items belonging to Madonna's ex personal assistant Melissa Crow that have recently appeared on eBay.

I'm not sure if this is possible for you but Melissa Crow asked me in helping get the message out that the eBay auctions of her stuff are absolutely not endorsed by her! She is:

1) Doing everything she can to get these items back into her possession.
2) She wants to make sure that people know it is NOT HER selling these items!
3) And she asks fans NOT to bid on the items.

It would be totally awesome if Madonna fans would honour and respect her request. Thanks!


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if the items were sold to this guy then he has a right to sell them. bottom line is that she fell behind on her payments and her stuff was sold. simple as that. don't hate.


I really wished Melissa Had kept up on her storage unit payments or this crap would not be happening :( very sad.


Daniel, this is deplorable. I do not know Melissa but I completely feel for her. It must be painful to have such treasured, personal, private keepsakes on the market up for grabs. I agree, he sounds extremely opportunist of the worst kind. I would contact eBay in the hopes of pulling the plug.


I hope Melissa gets back what is rightfully hers. It is wrong to sell things that are not yours to sell.

Daniel Furii

i contacted the seller he's a complete tw@t trying to get madonna's attention

he will only accept an offer from Madonna herself in order to take items off auction. complete loser.


If this is the case then she really should've taken more care of them. To allow such precious items to go to auction through non-payment of storage fees or whatever is unbelievable!


I can't belive this. Why would Melissa let her stuff get bought. I had a storage unit that almost went to auction. It was peronal stuff from my parents house. I paid it to keep it from being auctioned... Why whoud she let that happend???


Well, good to hear this! The most disturbing to me was the family photo of Silvio, the late Madonna Fortin-Ciccone, andthe first 3 kids... As a fan it was a huge treat, but at the same time I couldn't imagine one offering such a photograph online for money...! Thanks.

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