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Glee: Sue Sylvester's Vogue Video

The Vogue video that features Jane Lynch as Glee's coach Sue Sylvester premiered on US TV last night - the clip is now available for all fans to watch.

Jane Lynch spoke to MTV recently about recreating the video:

I do the 'Vogue' video in the Madonna episode, and we replicated everything down to the set pieces, the hair pieces, the wardrobe, the lighting. It’s in black and white, and you’re gonna love it. It’s amazing. 'Oh yeah, the cone bra, the Gaultier bra, I wear that in one scene. And it’s the most powerful I’ve ever felt in my life. Well, you know what, I wore the cone bra with the track suit, so it worked. It was a win, win.'


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luv the William Schuster I hate you line!! ) And, Kurt and Sue - adorable!

Pablo Cancino

I think its a good job and a very good tribute to Madonna´s carrier, but what makes me feel better is that this 49 years old comedian looks like Madonna´s mother, she is younger than Madonna and looks pretty older than her, it makes me feel good, because the queen of pop will live forever, when Madonna turns 80 years old, im sure she will look the same, thats what kabbalah calls inmortality, thats what im proud off, god bless the queen


I think it's great. Nothing will top the original of course, but this is fun to watch.

I love Jane Lynch......I've watched it quite a few times I must admit!


It makes me want to see the original immediately. One huge thing they missed was the joy. Even though everyone in the original Vogue video was cool, no one was cold. The glee cast look so jaded in contrast. Lesson; don't copy Madonna. Just don't.


AWESOME tribute to Madonna!! I don't watch Glee, but I will be watching the Madonna episode next week. Can't wait.


I think it was fantastic... very well done.

I know what I am about to say it will create a bit of commotion but I think it was a bit snobbish from Madonna to turn down a cameo at the show... I mean it is a whole show about her music!

C. Gordon

Very funny to watch. Pretty darn close to the original... It just goes to show that if the people featured in this pastiche had practiced just a little longer (as Madonna and here dancers then would have done), it would be more or less identical.
'Nobody can match the real Madonna'... Yes they can - by practicing and rehearsing as much as she does. And I'm a big fan of people who practice a lot.

Mike H

Nice try, but... these people can't dance!

The woman herself especially, twiddling her hands around her face... just terrible, completely missing the entire style. The promo photo, too... Those are not vogue poses, they're just spreading their arms at random.

For balance, some Malcolm McClaren:


LAWL ~ funny stuff but I prefer Ms Lynch when she's butch :~P


I love it, is amazing, she did excellent. All the details, all the dancers, the part of " I hate you" got me, im still laughing. Keep on going guys.

Orlando, Fl.


really funny. i think the world will have a hard time getting an actress who can play as madonna when they plan to make a movie about her life. madonna's songs wouldn't be what they are now without the queen herself. i am proud to have been her fan since the start.


I absolutely LOVE IT ! ! !


Beauty mark is in the wrong spot


That was amazing! they did a brilliant job at that! i hope madonna has seen it and is proud of the cat of Glee.... What a great tribute!


Very very Cool!!!!!!!!Love it and Sue,s so great.


Nice vid. WOW I'm impressed


i adored it BUT i will say they could have done so much more with that concept. and i do feel like Madonna should have made a cameo on next wks episode.

Grant Ciccone

nobody can mathch the real madonna, she is the queen and always will be, cant wait for the episode to air its going to be amazing, just shows so many people love and admire madonna and what she has done for the music industury, long live the queen


I think it's awesome!


They did a great job at recreating the video. Great detail was paid to the look & set design. Great job!!!

bryan tucker

ha ha how funny


This is the most bizarre thing I've ever seen in my life. I need therapy right now.

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