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The man behind some of Madonna's most iconic videos has hailed Lady Gaga as the next Queen of Pop, after noticing the similarities between the pop pair while filming the singer's epic new video for Telephone.
Jonas Akerlund directed GaGa's racy new promo, which features Beyonce and lasts a staggering nine-and-a-half minutes.
And the Swedish filmmaker, who worked with the Material Girl on her Ray of Light and Music videos, couldn't believe how alike Madonna and the Poker Face hitmaker are.
He tells, 'I really don't like to compare the artists that I work with, because they are all so unique and so different. One thing for sure is that GaGa is a true artist. She's really a huge talent, and she's such a hard worker. That makes me think of Madonna, because Madonna is always such a hard worker, more than anybody else.'
'She's (Madonna) always very creative. She always goes back to creativity. She has so much politics around and all these stupid rumours and gossip and all that, and some artists manage to stay above that. So, in that sense, I'm fine with comparing (Gaga and Madonna), but then again, they're so different.'
'I also have 12 years with Madonna and I have two videos with GaGa; it's the future to tell, but I think that GaGa has all the potential and all the tools and all the brain to take her creativity as far she wants to. But she's great.'
GaGa recently insisted she was ready to revolutionise the pop charts, the same way Madonna did in the 1980s.



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I hate to say it, but I'm starting to bore of Madonna. I'm still hopeful that she'll get it together, but I do like Lady Gaga more at this moment in time. Madonna is not focusing on her music. She's trying to design clothes and other things she isn't good at like directing horrible movies. Enough already!


I agree! Madge will always be the queen of pop no one can take her crown from her she's such an individual. She's just amazing! i love her! god bless her!:)


If this is from then they are completely falsifying the interview with Jonas Auckerland! The videos clearly show he is not interested in comparing the two although the interviewer wants him to. So he does NOT "hail" her as the new Madonna.
There are so many facets of Madonna that make her the Queen and such a remarkable untouchable artist. She has been described as "the Yin and the Yang", "the poison and the antidote" and there will never be anyone like her-
To minimize her accomplishments to that of Gaga is disgusting!


I love them both!!!

ray cooper

GROSS, GROSS, GROSS, GROSS... why would anyone put this on a MADONNA site? This will be my last visit to madonnalicious.. and I would hope that if Madonna herself saw this on a site that is supposed to be in support of her - comparing her not only to ANYONE else, but LADY GAGA of all things that she would want nothing to do with your site... I am so disappointed to see this. I am NOT a fan of this gaga thing that has been around for an entire 6 months - giving her Madonna's crown on her own site is a disgrace! From my understanding, Madonna is STILL the queen of pop and has not died of retired as of yet. Let gaga last for more than a year and then get her OWN CROWN!


I dont think so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Their is only ONE that Lady Gaga is copying is a different story..........

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