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The man behind some of Madonna's most iconic videos has hailed Lady Gaga as the next Queen of Pop, after noticing the similarities between the pop pair while filming the singer's epic new video for Telephone.
Jonas Akerlund directed GaGa's racy new promo, which features Beyonce and lasts a staggering nine-and-a-half minutes.
And the Swedish filmmaker, who worked with the Material Girl on her Ray of Light and Music videos, couldn't believe how alike Madonna and the Poker Face hitmaker are.
He tells, 'I really don't like to compare the artists that I work with, because they are all so unique and so different. One thing for sure is that GaGa is a true artist. She's really a huge talent, and she's such a hard worker. That makes me think of Madonna, because Madonna is always such a hard worker, more than anybody else.'
'She's (Madonna) always very creative. She always goes back to creativity. She has so much politics around and all these stupid rumours and gossip and all that, and some artists manage to stay above that. So, in that sense, I'm fine with comparing (Gaga and Madonna), but then again, they're so different.'
'I also have 12 years with Madonna and I have two videos with GaGa; it's the future to tell, but I think that GaGa has all the potential and all the tools and all the brain to take her creativity as far she wants to. But she's great.'
GaGa recently insisted she was ready to revolutionise the pop charts, the same way Madonna did in the 1980s.



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The moral of the story is: It is very difficult to build and very easy to destroy.


I think that Jonas Akerlund is merely comparing her drive and creativity, when he 'hails gaga as the new Madonna'. She obviously cant become her, Madge has already set records, sold so many albums, made creative music videos (list goes on). I think, that as for Gaga, the music world has been looking for someone like her for the past number of years. I think that, as an artist, she is intriguing and fascinating to watch. This is where the links that Akerlund allude to. Early Madonna was all about pushing boundaries and breaking ground, so in this respect I think he is right on cue.

Madge fans, (some of you) take a step back and give that girl some respect!


how interesting, i wonder why my comment from last night wasn't posted.


Haha, some of you need to seriously chill out. First of all, I doubt if Madonna even cares what some reporter is insinuating from this interview (the headline is NOT what Akerlund said). And yes, Madonna is still around and has not retired, but if you think that her popularity will be as strong as it was 10 years ago, you're simply delusional. Madonna has made her career. At this point, she will always be remembered as one of pop music's biggest matter what she releases in the future. However, top 40 stations will play her less and less, if at all. Instead, all the attention will focus on Lady Gaga or other younger acts. Madonna will always be the Queen of Pop, but Gaga will get the spotlight.

And I also agree that Lady Gaga has that drive, ambition and fire that Madonna had back in the 80's. Gaga also has the sheer creative influence that Madonna had, and that's what'll make her successful.

Zak London

Listen people i love madonna have done since i bought my first ever vinyl in 1986 (open your heart on 7 inch)some of the comments here are fucking shocking because for one:

Madonna is Madonna the end she has made her mark and has left her scar on this planet and what a beautiful scar it is, and there is so much more she will be giving us as fans for a long time to come.

two: Lady Gaga is Lady Gaga and i remember when in the 80's the vibe madge gave people and it feels the same now with lady gaga the girl has amazing talent wheather you think its wierd or not.

Its called changing times Madonna will always be Royalty but maybe shes now the queen mother, Lady gaga has the right attitude to be around for a long time to come and i hope she does!!

There is no comparison between the two but answer me this if there was no Madonna would there have ever been a Gaga?


stephanie sparks

MADONNA is a true talent and went about becoming famous by working her A$$ off... Lady GaGa became friends with Perez Hilton.. I still think she has some kind of a deal with Clear Channel or something that has pushed her to this height of fame, because I do not have one single friend who can stand her... In fact, we keep thinking that it will come out that she is, in fact, a man - dressed up like whatever it is that 'she' is dressed up like. Perhaps she has been around longer than 6 months, but she has hardly been around long enough to compare her to Madonna... and why do we/they need to compare any artist to another? Madonna was never the new anyone before her... The director of the videos should not have said what he said in the interview in the first place.

richard Allen

I cannot imagine ANYONE comparing the two of them... and I think that 'Zee' is being a little too hard on 'Ray' for having an opinion. I have been a Madonna fan since she came out in the 80's... on the other hand, I find it hard to even watch Lady GaGa.. As far as Madonna accepting Lady GaGa - that is how Madonna roles - a few years ago she wore Britney Spears t-shirts and accepted her as the next in line to the throne. I am not bored with Madonna, I do not like anything about Lady GaGa and I still consider Madonna the QUEEN!


There have been so many claims about some "new act" taking Madonna’s crown as the Queen of Pop...Britney, Christina Aguilera, Pink, Rihana, blah blah blah... now Lady GaGa... but the truth is none of them fits Madonna's shoe, they are just following her path... Lady GaGa has talent, that's a truth but in a couple of years maybe nobody will remember any of her so forgettable songs... you may say the same thing about Madonna's new music, but she's just trying to keep current with tha trash trend of music we have nowadays and she can do that now because she already established herself in the Book of Pop History as the reigning Queen... GaGa is just doing the same thing that Madonna but in a more exaggerated and grotesque and ridiculous way, ‘cause otherwise no one will pay attention to her... and believe me, I'm trying to like her because she reminds me of the young Madonna but then I say to myself "I already have Madonna to idolize, I don’t need anybody to remind me that she is still out there making good music and extending her chapter in the history of pop and rock and roll music"


Sorry, Eugenia, read the liner notes of the Fame Monster. Gaga does NOT write her songs by herself from start to finish. They are all co-written with 1 or 2 other people, including RedOne and Fernando Garibay. The only song she wrote by herself was the song everyone trashes, 'Speechless'. Gaga does not have anywhere NEAR the success Madonna had in the 80'.s You are delusional if you think they do. Madonna was considered hot and sexy when she came out and untalented. Gaga is fugly and talented. There are no similarities between them. Gaga is the next Marilyn Manson, not Madonna.


I don`t agree with the director at all. Some music channels and radios are interested in this, to sell records. But they know She will never be like Madonna. Madonna had to struggle a lot to succeed, when she appeared people wasn`t accustomated to that kind of singers. So if present singers sell records is due to the Madonna success.I think they should respect her instead of trying to be like her,because she is unique. She is the best artist ever,even she is better than Mj or Elvis.Nobody will win her.


@ray Cooper, I understand what you mean but in all fairness to Madonnalicious, this is artcile more or less about Madonna so it has it's relevance on the site. While I found the article quite silly, and obviously biased, it's not a disservice to or a criticism of Madonna, it just reinforces what the hype around Lady Gaga is about. And Yep, while Madonna is the one & Only Queen of Pop we have to be open to the variety of artists in the Pop music scene and that they can have their moment like anybody else.
@Oliver,get your facts right Mr;-)...Madonna writes lyrics, produces her songs and has even written in the past her own melodies. Lady Gaga does exactly what Madonna has been doing well for song long teaming up with unknown and hot producers of the moment to write her songs...I do like her but let's be realistic, what she does is not revolutionary, it's arty and eccentric but nothing controversial as Madonna did in the past. And to me as long as Madonna is the reference to any new artist who supposed to have become the Queen of Pop in themedias, it's only mean that they're not near Her Madgesty crown


i agree with clint-i was around when madonna started & fell in love with her immediately-but i too am so bored of her-i hate all this recent stuff she's done with whoevers in fashion-thats not the madonna way!!!she always led the pack-she did not follow-but now it seems she's so desperate to be 'down with the kids'-that she does just that.hard candy was awful-& revolver???it's such a shame to see how she's become-i always hoped she would not end up a bit sad like some older perfomers-but unfortunately-that does not seem to be the case.she was brilliant in her day-but i think it has passed.hand the crown over now i say,while you still have some dignity left.i know i will be slaughtered for my views-but im entitled to my opinion like the rest of you.xx


i believe that madonna doesn't care :)


i have been into madonna since ages. but i agree with clint that she starts to bore me. were is her hunger she use to have in whatever she did. i seem to have a déjà-vu on everything she does currently. she's not losing her crown because of that. shes been to successful.
But i think gaga just has that "thing" that was missing in pop music for quite a while! and i really love her for that.


Also, it's "revolutionize," not "revolutionise."


Madonna and Gaga are VERY different individuals! You can't compare the queen of pop to this person! And the queen never had to dance around nearly butt naked in a video full of product placements to get attention either (especially when she became very popular!) No offense to Gaga fans...I admit Gaga does have some catching tunes...but she does not compare to the one and only! Madonna has a long career of musical and visual changes that made her major pop icon and to compare and toss the crown to some girl who calls her work Art because she wears whatever is on the run ways and make mindless songs with supposed deep hidden messages!? Please! No one is the new Madonna! Madonna is here to stay!


You need to take a massive chill-pill, ray cooper. Sheeesh!

And, as you will see, madonnalicious IS a fan site and is not endorsed by Madonna or her management.

I applaud the Webmistress for posting a wide variety of articles about Madonna. M is far from perfect so, if you want to live in a 'perfect M world', then best not to read any articles to avoid disappointment!!


She has been around for a year and your going to say she is the new queen of pop? Madonna is still alive!!!!!! Micheal died and we haven't named someone else the king of pop!!!!!! Stop trying to replace people.


The director is right. So Ray Cooper, Carlo, be a bit more objective please.

The truth is, GaGa is pulling the same kind of controversy and "wows" that Madonna was pulling in 1985. That's a _fact_. I've lived in both eras, as a teenager back then, and I know the "feel" of GaGa's success to be identical to that of Madonna in the '80s.

So in that sense, the director is completely right. And GaGa writes her own music. Madonna only influences her music (co-produces), and writes some of the lyrics, but GaGa does the whole deal, from start to finish. Don't forget that.


LAdy Gaga is just a disgrace. She is not the queen of pop! Madonna is the one and only queen of Pop! No one can immitate her!! :)

C. Gordon

Ray. Why didn't you read the article properly? It was the journalist at '' (where the article is sourced from, if you read to the bottom) who plainly conjourers up the false assumption at the head of the article, based on Jonas' much more diplomatic comments which at no point suggest a migration of a 'crown' to Gaga. Basically Jonas' gist is that they're both talented and they're both hard workers, in a nutshell, (and I don't really know either of them well enough to say that isn't the case, do you?). Anyway, neither Madonna or Gaga are royalty. They're just people working in the media industry like thousands of others, and the only time Madonna and Gaga have anything to do with royalty is when they meet them at events like premieres and the suchlike. So wind your neck in!!!

And another thing... Madonnalicious is doing what Madonnalicious does best... Providing us with all things Madonna, for us to draw our own conclusions on, even if it looks like the reported article has a negative bent. In fact the only problem I have with this website is that it keeps letting ill thought through comments from overreacting readers appear on it, betraying a lower quality of fan, that unfortunately Madonna, much as I love her, seems to attract!


What a shame. The ppl who run the industry always have to compare and make ppl compete. :(


For my part, I don't understand why a fan site can't constructively criticize as well as report and praise. After all, it is by heeding the advice of those who believe in our potential and appreciate our talents that we grow and correct our straying tendencies.

Reporting only half the story, and allowing only certain comments is cencorship, and it seems very repressed and fascist. Madonna is the Queen, but she's neither omnibenevolent God nor some repressive autocrat like Mao Zedong. Those who censor valid criticism of Madonna haven't learned much from her. "Express yourself; don't repress yourself!"

As for Lady Gaga, only the fire of time will tell. She hasn't even released her 2nd full-length album. Americans are obsessed with novelty, but while L.G. has potential, not all that glitters is gold...


Calm down. This post is a tribute to Madonna -- and Jonas is simply saying that Gaga has the "potential" to be Madonna-esque if she lasts 25 odd years as well. Madonna will always have the "Queen" crown, no doubt. But that doesn't mean other artists who follow in the steps of Madonna don't deserve any credit for continuing Madonna's revolution of the art.


@ ray cooper Get your facts right. Lady GaGa has been around for more than 6 months. She is an extremely talented performer and even Madonna herself recognises this otherwise she wouldn't give her the time of day. But Madonna has performed a sketch on SNL with her and went to two of her concerts. I'm sure Madonna wouldn't mind this comparison too much and I really don't think anybody cares if you're not returning to this site.

Go GaGa & Madonna :D

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