Jason Derulo to work with Madonna?
Events: Sticky & Sweet Party in New York City

Sticky & Sweet Tour: Blu-ray DVD

Here is a closer look at the European version of the Sticky & Sweet Tour Blu-ray DVD and CD that is being released on Friday 26 March in some European countries with a full release in Europe on Monday 29 March.

And if you ever wanted to know what music samples were featured in the Sticky & Sweet Tour versions of the songs performed on tour then the booklet that comes with the CD/DVD gives you all the information you ever needed:

For example, Into The Groove features elements of It's Like That (Run DMC), Double Dutch Bus (Frankie Smith), Toop, Toop (Cassius), Apache (Sugarhill Gang), Jam On It (Newcleus) and Jump (Madonna).


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Anny Geerts

Comment from : Madame - Senior !
Consider please the song : frozen + other songs with great bass to a special subwoofer channel on Blu-ray /SACD
On wisch (facebook) website realises?


just got my copy through amazon yesterday (saturday 27th jan) YAY quality love it although have to say thought confessions was better the 30 min doc on it though is great



That good news comes to Europe as I bought it!kisessss


I wish they would have had bonus material like the songs from when the tour started back up: Frozen, Holiday, and Dress You Up.


I love the clips that I have seen so far of Devil Wouldnt Recognize You.. they should have released it with this performance as the video!

Jorge Ipiranga

one of the biggest performance of the greatest pop diva, she is enenarravel, congratulations to madonna


in europe released in NTSC, not PAL??!!

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