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On the road again in 2011?

Madonna's Sticky & Sweet Tour drummer Brian Frasier-Moore was recently interviewed at the NAMM 2010 conference. He was asked what his he had been up to lately, his reply:

I just finished Madonna's tour, I was out with her for a year and six months. Starting up with Christina (Aguilera) in February and then back to Madonna again at the top of 2011.


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It might be a PROMO tour for the next album... like a tour of the talk-shows, etc.


Oh my god please please please go on tour!!!! I was promised I would go to the next madonna concert and I def need to see her live!!!!!


This makes sense if she tours in 2011. It'll be three years since S&S in the US and 2 years since S&S 2.0 in Europe. If rumors are true and an album is out this year then a tour in the summer 2011 is completely reasonable.


Guy tweeted last night, "There is no truth to any current plans for an upcoming tour."

Willie Wanker

I'm so ready for Her!!


Another tour so soon? I guess it's the only way to make money these days but I'd say leaving it for a couple more years would make it a more exciting prospect.


Nooooo!!!! This is just wishful thinking.. Not speaking anything that is fact people!!!! Thanks


oooohhhh, that's interesting could be album or hopefully 'TOURING'!! we'll see!!!


would be great... but first we need an album:)

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