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Hoax tour email disappoints Australian fans

Australian fans of pop star Madonna were in a frenzy after an e-mail sporting details of an extensive Australian tour started circulating.
The e-mail said that the Material Girl would be performing in ten Australian concerts, with three planned for Melbourne's Rod Laver Arena. It said that the tour was a 'gift' to the country and offered a chance to meet Madonna for AU$3,000 (S$3,783), with the cheapest tickets going for AU$249.
However, Australian media reported that no local promoter had been linked to the tour and those contacted on Thursday said the e-mail was fake.
'The last I heard - which was only a few weeks ago - was there was no Australian tour planned,' well-known promoter Paul Dainty said. 'Stranger things have happened, but it's not very likely.'
Industry insiders were also reported as saying that it would be 'near impossible' to organise a major touring show without tickets having been on sale earlier.
Madonna has only toured Australia once, in 1993. Although her manager, Guy Oseary, had previously promised her Australian fans that she would visit the country, he admitted that she had 'betrayed her Australian fans'. 'Madonna really needs to go to Australia,' he said last year. 'We are long overdue for a trip Down Under and apologise for that, it will happen.'

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Why didn't she go to Australia?? I think she should open her next show there

Shane kennedy

Australian fans have been patient and well behaved as we wait for the QUEEN to grace our shores once more with a tour.

We read the tour reviews, watch the fan footage on Youtube and are loyal when it comes to the tour DVD sales.

We stand by her through it all cause we love her work. New fans are born everyday. My children are nowbig fans and I can't wait to take them to see her on stage.

I was 16 when she came to OZ. It was such a big event. The whole time she was in Australia it made the front page of the news.

Australia welcomed her with open arms and loved having her in our country.

Below is a link to all the news reporst i put together of her first 2 shows in Sydney (which became the Girlie Show Down under DVD

Gillian Parkinson, NZ

Well, this is what Guy said to me on Twitter!!

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