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David Guetta: Madonna's new single is done

The DJ reveals that Madonna's brand new single which is worked on by him will be released very soon.
David Guetta recently addressed rumors suggesting he enters studio with Madonna, Lady GaGa, Britney Spears and Rihanna. 'That's done, the single will be out very soon and it's amazing, I'm very happy,' he told Nine MSN about the song he works for the 'Material Girl' singer.
While he confirmed his involvement in Madonna's new studio project, the disc jokey said otherwise concerning GaGa report. Though so, the 'When Love Takes Over' hitmaker admitted he once met the dance queen and would love to make beautiful music together.
On working with Spears meanwhile, he stated, 'We both want to do it I think, we just need the song.' He then continued addressing Rihanna rumor, 'Same. I just need to find the right song for them. I think it's going to happen.'



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Kevin N.

Why does madonna come out with albums and singles that never get any airplay. Then comes out with a great hot remix like the Guetta Revolver Remix or the Akon celebration remix but never gets any of them on the radio?


i can't wait!


He was talking about the Revolver remix. he went on to say "The Madonna song is really, really, really good - it's her and Lil Wayne. She's great, totally not what I was expecting. I was totally seduced."


it ´s false.Guetta talked about Revolver ´remix. Sorry.


crapy D.Guetta :s
Madonna loosing it :(

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