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Madonna checks out Rio's Carnival


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she looks so good with straight hair! amazing!


Of course this live footage is NOT retouched, and pictures of her looking strangely/absurdley muscular, heavily veined and worn out are photoshopped to make her look bad. Those pictures sells. People like too see misery, because they are miserable themselfes. I saw her very close in Gothenburg during the S&S Tour, and she was flawless. I guess she takes very,very good care of herself to have such a fantastic look. She glows!


this hot woman does turn me on!!!

Kevin N.

Ok...this is live (at the time)brazilian news footage. Prolly does not have the time or money to be using some kind of computer retouching image technology basically automatically airbrushing madonna's face to make her look so youthful looking. So considering that this is how she looks in Real life it makes me very suspect of images showing madonna looking much older and worn out. Remember when the OJ simpson trial started. Time Magazine and Newsweek came out with OJ's Perp photo. Times was unretouched and Newsweek's was retouched to make his skin darker and the overall image more menacing. Then Times came out with the real image which looked pretty predestrian in comparison. I firmly believe that the glossy gossip rags use basically reverse retouching to make her look more worn out or make images of her arms look all freaked out. Does Madonna have great guns, yes, does she have Italian veiny hands/wrist, sure, do they look as terrible as crap gossip rags make them out to be when it fits with their running narrative on Madonna, Absolutely.

Give the Lady a break. She's awesome so stop nitpicking. And realise no image nowadays can be "trusted". Just sayin'


I was so emotioned to see her live in this party. Madonna is special

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