Italian Magazines: Rolling Stone
Madonna conducts dance-off at club

UK Magazines: Hello!

Speculation about Madonna and Jesus' relationship is discussed by biographer J. Randy Taraborrelli in UK magazine Hello! (08 February issue 1109).

The Chicago Sun-Times reported earlier this week that Madonna and Jesus have split - although no confirmation has come from any official source yet.


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bizarre how theres rumours of a split in the same week she apparentley had dinner with sean penn!!!id rather see her with sean than jesus-he's so slimy!!!i think her & sean would make a great couple now theyve both grown up & matured.he seems a decent guy these days.x


Still it's only speculating. Nobody knows what's really going on. Nothing has been confirmed yet by an official source

Black Heart

Jesus didn't make it big so his gone.... That's all of it....

C. Gordon

More hear say from Hello magazine, but what bothers me most is the bizarre image aspect stretch of Madonna on the right of page 2. I think it's done deliberately to make her look weird. The meanies! I shrank it back down 15% or so or my computer, and she returned to normal. Beautiful!


barf. isn't it obvious to you other fans that this article is a bowl full of made up quotes. Do any of those quotes sound like they are from a person Madonna would actually hang out with?


I like this artical...abit of compassion for M, from her biographer. She is human, for god sake,splitting in a relationship is hard enough without the worlds press analysing your every motive. Think she's been given a hard enough time in the press for the last year or more!! cut the superstar who's gives her all to her career and has continually surprised the music industry for the past 28yrs...abit of slack. I think she's earned it!!!

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