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Sticky & Sweet CD/DVD Track Listing

Online music retailer have published the tracklisting for the Sticky & Sweet CD/DVD that is due out at the end of March.

Disc One (CD)
1 - Candy Shop Medley
2 - Beat Goes On Medley-Feat. Kanye West
3 - Human Nature
4 - Vogue 2008
5 - She's Not Me
6 - Music 2008
7 - Devil Wouldn't Recognize You
8 - Spanish Lesson
9 - La Isla Bonita 2008
10 - You Must Love Me
11 - Get Stupid Medley
12 - Like A Prayer 2008
13 - Give It 2 Me

Disc Two (DVD)
1 - Intro: The Sweet Machine
2 - Candy Shop Medley
3 - Beat Goes On Medley-Feat. Kanye West
4 - Human Nature
5 - Vogue 2008
6 - Die Another Day 2008
7 - Into The Groove 2008
8 - Heartbeat
9 - Borderline
10 - She's Not Me
11 - Music 2008
12 - Rain / Here Comes The Rain Again
13 - Devil Wouldn't Recognize You
14 - Spanish Lesson
15 - Miles Away
16 - La Isla Bonita Medley
17 - Me Darava / Doli Doli
18 - You Must Love Me
19 - Don't Cry For Me Argentina
20 - Get Stupid Medley
21 - 4 Minutes-Feat. Justin Timberlake And Timbaland
22 - Like A Prayer 2008
23 - Ray Of Light
24 - Like A Virgin 2008
25 - Hung Up Medley
26 - Give It 2 Me
27 - Credits
Plus 8 Behind-The-Scenes Clips

Thanks to Darren and Dean


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i'm so excited about this that the end of march looks like 100 years from now! i wonder why they didn't include 4 minutes in the cd, i love this song!!!


I just don't understand the whole point of a live cd. Just bring out the concert and all of the extra songs she did in 2009 and it would have been fine. I will only buy the DVD. The last live cd( IGTTAS) is still in the box. I've only watched the documentary..
Still I'm glad the show will be on DVD after all..


@Jeffrey Atlanta - Yeah it's a bit frustrating. But there is a very easy solution. Download a DVD audio ripper and rip the audio tracks from the DVD onto your computer. That's what I did with The Confessions Tour. "La Isla Bonita" was one of the best songs in Confessions and wasn't on the live CD.


I'm with you Vanka...Why don't they include the older hits on the live cd's? Material Girl and Burning Up were left off the Reinvention cd, but the Hollywood remix was included? The Confessions live cd was a bit better, but they really need to leave off the "filler songs" that are taking place when she's having a wardrobe change. It's pointless on a live cd. Can't believe they left off Borderline, but included Music. I like the song Music, but it was on Reinvention AND Confessions. That cd list needs some work!


I agree with what vanka says but, just be thankful that this is coming out in a dvd and is a whole show not like the re invention tour. and if you want to get the live songs you can easily download them.

Kevin N.

So like are they evvvver going to come out with a cd/dvd of madonna's freakin' Reinvention tour?


I really wanted to see the 2009 versions of Frozen, Dress you up and Holiday on that disc. Too bad the left them out :-(


omg! i so cant wait to buy that lol! im so excited!

waleed alawadhi  kuwait

wow . i hope its better than that crappy one they broadcast on tv . with the remastered songs .

steve pearson

Where did like a virgin 2008 come from?


OMG, that's great news. I just hope the DVD extras would include the performances she did on 2009. Btw, I don't get the 'medley' thing that appear on some tracks. Anyway, it's a must have. Can't wait!!!!

Jeffrey                        Atlanta

Why is the live cd not the entire concert, and if they are going to edit the cd I think they could have put a better song on the cd than Spanish Lesson, and why do they bother to put the interludes on the live cd? The Get Stupid medley instead of a performance song ?!? Really?!? 4 minutes not on the cd, Don't cry for me Argentina not on the cd, REALLY?!? They have done a disservice to Madonna fans on the last two live cd's, but this one is the worst! Half of the show is not on the cd. I am so frustrated with the live cd's. Either put the whole show on cd or don't do it. I just don't understand their thinking. Anyone else with me about this?


Can't wait to get this !

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