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Madonna conducts dance-off at club

'She came into SL with a huge entourage of guys, but it looked very friendly,' a snitch dishes. 'At first, she was blocked off by security, but as the night went on she was having such a good time that she was out dancing like everyone else.'
The 51-year-old still knows how to party: Our spy says that she even had a dance-off with the members of her posse, which included Knicks player Danilo Gallinari.
'They made a huge circle, and Madonna looked like she was competing with ('The Hurt Locker’s') Anthony Mackie and Jeremy Renner. Madonna looked really happy and like she was having a good time, but any attention she got from the men was definitely platonic.'

From the New York Daily News


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Jerry Stevenson

jealous! I want to club and have a dance off with M. Even though I know she'd kick my butt!

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