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DJ Edith Bowman: Madonna was my icon growing up

Radio 1 presenter Edith Bowman was interviewed by UK newspaper the Metro and was asked about her icons:

Did you have any icons growing up?
Madonna was a big one for me. Weirdly, I can remember dressing up as her for Halloween when I was about ten years old. I was 'Like A Virgin Madonna' and my friend was 'Into The Groove Madonna' and we want round our local village with a tape recorder and sang along to Madonna songs. We made an absolute fortune.


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She was slagging her off during the TV coverage Big Weekend, because everyone was in M's tent and NO-ONE was watching the Editors (her boyfriend) in the other tent

Oliver G

And yet she slagged off Madonna saying she wasn't interested in seeing her because she had a "large entourage" at the Sticky and Sweet Radio 1 gig?? Of course she did - did you see the set Edith?!

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