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Sticky & Sweet Tour to be released on DVD, Blu-Ray and CD

The news fans have been waiting for came today in this official press release:

Madonna’s most recent stage extravaganza, the 'Sticky & Sweet' concert, will be released on March 30th, it was announced today by Live Nation, the world’s largest live music company.
'Sticky & Sweet', which was produced by Live Nation, was the most successful tour by a solo artist in history and was seen by over 3.5 million fans in 32 countries around the world.
The show, which will be distributed by Warner Bros Records, will be available on DVD, Blu-Ray and CD and will include many of the Material Girl’s hits from the course of her unprecedented career including, '4 Minutes,' 'Like a Prayer,' 'Hung Up' and 'Ray of Light'.
Filmed in Buenos Aires, over four days to a crowd exceeding 256,000 fans, the concert also includes a show stopping moment when Madonna performs a historic 'Don’t Cry For Me Argentina' to a thunderous audience response from her Argentine fans.
Also included are several hits from the multi-Grammy winner’s most recent CD 'Hard Candy' which debuted at No. 1 in 37 countries. The DVD also includes 30 minutes of exclusive footage filmed behind the scenes during the course of the tour.
'Part concert, part block party and all fun, there is still only one Madonna,' raved the Oakland Press in their review of the 'Sticky & Sweet' Tour. 'A night of triumph and defiance....A two hour multi-media juggernaut,' glowed the LA Times. 'Our lady of perpetual motion…This may be the best tour she’s ever stitched together,' claimed the NY Post.

From Madonna.com - thanks to Rodolfo


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great great great news!!!!!!!!!

k lewis-chamberlain

About time, but still waiting fo re-invention and blonde ambition dvd's when will we see them....


PLEASE! I Love this Tour!
But, MADONNA, What about S&S ROUND 2 ???
We all have to agree! It was TOO MUCH BETTER! Even Candy Shop with new backdrops.
I NEED PART 2!!! I've watched the tour in São Paulo, 20/12/08. It was fantastic, but round 2 is better.
IN DVD PLEAASE!! Does anybody know if it1s going to be released in DVD the round Tour?

andrew thomas

UGH...Am I not alone in thinking this was the LEAST Entertaining of all her tours....I've been dying for them to release the AMAZING Re-Invention Tour for Years...That would be a much better choice!!

Daniel Furii

what can I say apart from F****** FINALLY?




so so so so getting it :)


Why do people keep saying thank gawd for Live Nation? Did anyone read the press release?? Warner Bros. is realizing this, not Live Nation. She never had any problems with Warner. lol.


dress you up and frozen from 2009 were great, would be cool to add those as extras on the DVD, saw the SS 2008 in Nice and in 2009 in Zaragoza, liked the 2009 better maybe cuz i was front raw.


It's about frickin' time! I've been dying for this to come out for over a year, now.

Black Heart

Hope this will be a better material. I got a copy of the concert when it was shown in Sky1. More features please.....


great news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love this tour and i want it in my hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is amazing news! Not just that we're finally getting this tour (even though it wasn't her greatest), but that it's coming on Blu-ray!!

Hopefully they'll include the 2009 performances of "Holiday", "Dress You Up" and "Frozen" as extras!


It's a bit of a pipe dream, but I would love to have included the new songs that were included on the '09 re-version of Sticky & Sweet especially Frozen/Calvin Harris mash up that was awesome, and too the MJ tribute. It seems LN are going the right way, I mean at last a Blu-Ray version - we should have had this for the Celebration GH package - shame on you Warners, thank god it looks like our girl will be marketed a lot better now. I'll be able to delete my Sky+ HD recording now!! I mean it's early days and great to hear the behind the scenes footage is there, but can we have HD extra's of all the backdrops too please?!

I mean us fans are never satisfied are we?! ha ha!!!


But will there be no version of the 2009 Sticky & Sweet Tour for sale? That one was even far way better than the 2008 version of her tour. I saw it in Gothenburg in August 2009 and My God it was soooo fantastic! Johan


Well Live Nation are already putting Warners to shame!!! NOW we just need a greatest Remix compilation CD, The Virgin Tour on DVD, Blond Ambition on DVD and Re-Invention live on DVD too!!! The latter tour was filmed and edited by jonas akerlund and exists in its full entirity, it was to be called "Re-invention live - Get Up Lisbon" Live from Lisbon, Portugal. And i hope the live CD with Sticky & Sweet will be the full CD and NOT the lame edited ones we got with IGTTYAS and Confessions, disgraceful they were.


Blu-ray disc!!! Hell Yeeaahh!!!! I've been waiting for this since the Confessions Tour and the Celebration Greatest Hits album, shall it ever be released in remastered high definition?? It would be awesome to experience the Queen in all her glory!

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