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Roma people to give Madonna gold plaque

The self-proclaimed king of the Roma said Tuesday he wants to give Madonna a gold plaque to thank the singer for criticising discrimination against his people.
Madonna performed in Bucharest in August as part of her 'Sticky and Sweet' tour, and at the concert said she was 'very sad' because of the 'discrimination against Romas and Gypsies in general in eastern Europe'.
Self-declared king Florin Cioaba said the Roma wanted to show their appreciation for the US star's gesture.
'Madonna deserves great credit. She drew the whole world's attention to discrimination against the Roma,' Cioaba told journalists in the central Romanian town of Sibiu.
The plaque has been ordered from a jeweller in Italy and will be made from 24-carat gold, the Romanian news agency Mediafax reported.
Romania has one of Europe's largest communities of Roma, an ethnic minority believed to originate from the Indian subcontinent often referred to as Gypsies.
Last year Amnesty International criticised the Romanian authorities' lack of action to tackle discrimination against Roma, a problem it said was 'widespread and deeply ingrained in (people's) minds.'

From AFP Via Yahoo! News


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C. Gordon

Yeh, good that you get the point bristar. I feel vindicated! I hope katy gets the point too! Maybe she'll let us know either way...
As for the Academy Award point you made, the Oscar win you quote doesn't surprise me bristar, and I can't help but enforce my point more with that (vindicated as I feel)! In that same year that Network cleaned up at the Oscars and the trashy Stallone vehicle Rocky won three, Scorsese's classic Taxi Driver went away with nothing. Considering that Taxi Driver, like many other Scorsese films, is still required viewing for any discerning film buff who hasn't seen it, the same can't be said for Network and Rocky. Adding to my point of awards misplacement!
Sometimes I wonder what's the matter with the world when people go awards crazy for something that doesn't seem to justify it, while something else that does goes much less rewarded?!! Don't you?


For instance you don't see actors getting an Oscar for a two minute cameo performance in a film, do you? No matter how good those two minutes are...

Posted by: C. Gordon

Maybe not two minutes, but Beatrice Straight was on screen for around 5 to 6 minutes in 'Network' and won an Oscar...

But I get your point.

C. Gordon

Hi Katy. Well, I don't want to appear too facetious, but have you checked with all the worlds people that they are more aware of the plight of the Roma people than before Madonna mentioning it, -once- during just one of her concerts, which got -some- press coverage? There are a lot of people in the world, and many of them are tolerating far greater distress than the Roma, because of their position in life. Many of the most downtrodden of the world will be unfamiliar with Madonna's recent tour schedule, let alone what was said on it. I think you're overestimating the amount of press coverage and impact that Madonna's comments garnered. Which was my point. Any material award for such a relatively minor gesture would be excessive. It would be far more appropriate to simply return the verbal action, by thanking her for the 'nod in the Roma's direction', so to speak, in the press. (Which has been done). If you are okay that she should get an award of such value for 'a few words', what are you implying? That the African people should club together to award her for the far more financially supportive and time consuming work she's done in Malawi? In which case do you think something like.. a private ocean liner or something of equivalent value would suffice?!! What are you saying Katy? I think you're losing perspective here. Do you see what I mean? The gifts that people bestow upon her should be relative to the work she's done to earn them. For instance you don't see actors getting an Oscar for a two minute cameo performance in a film, do you? No matter how good those two minutes are...


well her 'few words' as you say C Gordon helped to make the whole world pay attention to the discrimination roma people face.

C Gordon

Sending a gold plaque to an already incredibly rich person like Madonna, on behalf of a culture already downtrodden and poor is bit rum, if you ask me. All Madonna did to earn it was say a few words at one of her concerts. The cost of the plaque would be better spent on organisation like Amnesty International, who contribute far more than just 'a few words'. Maybe Madonna would have the scruples to return it, but with a new enscription on it:
To Florin, for services to the movement for child welfare. Love Madonna.

(Florin Cioaba caused uproar in the west when he married off his daughter, who was aged just twelve at the time!)


madonna has a big heart which let her understand others' suffering i think.

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