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Madonna ready to rock and rap

Madonna is set to take a new rap/rock direction on her next album.
The 'Celebration' singer is working with both rap producer A-Trak and rock producer Brendan O'Brien - who has previously worked with Pearl Jam - and attempting to merge the two genres on the follow up to her hip-hop influenced 2008 LP, 'Hard Candy'.
A-Trak, real name Alain Macklovitch, told the Daily Star newspaper: 'It's my production, turned into song structure - halfway between rap and electronic and whatever else I listen to.'
Madonna, 51, is said to be set on making a track to match the success of Run DMC's groundbreaking 80s hit 'Walk This Way', which defined the rap/rock genre - and went on to spawn acts such as Korn, Limp Bizkit and Kid Rock in the 90s.
Madonna has a long history of working with hip-hop producers, including Pharrell Williams and Timbaland on 'Hard Candy', but she is also keen to play up a more guitar-heavy sound after spending time mastering the instrument and insiders say she's working on perfecting a balance between the two.
The resulting album could be released this year.

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Personally, I like the idea of her going in a more rockier direction. It's the only direction she hasn't really done. She kind of dabbled with it on a few songs, but hasn't properly done a whole album of guitar themed music. It's that time she did. I'm not overly keen on hearing her do the rap/hip hop thing though, Leave that to Kayne. However, some more guitar based tracks and more melodic/alternative sounding songs could only bring out the best in her. You know, sweet, introspective songs, songs which concentrate on vocals and lyrics and the style kind of stripped down visually as well would by far suit her at this stage of her career. No more electronic based music or stuff which is rhythm and beat driven, as we've heard it with Confessions and Hard Candy. A new natural, spiritual, alternative sounding Madonna is just what we need.


Awful! I hope this is nothing but a desperate rumor! Madonna needs to make music that complements her, and rap is NOT IT! Rock, maybe...but not rap!


Agree with Adam Hunt's post.

Madonna has been an icon, a trendsetter and an inspiration to many people since the early 1980s: the last thing I want is to see her descend into a sad has-been type.

As for rapping, let's hope it's improved DRASTICALLY since "American Life" (the track)... both in terms of content (yes, I know it was supposed to be 'ironic' (ahem!) and delivery!

Adam Hunt

My admiration for Madonna ended after American Life when she seemed to sell herself out without adverts, bad collaborations and album after album after dreadful album.

I agree with Tracy, it's time for Madge to retire with Jesus, sit back and watch Lady Gaga take over. Or at least not release an album for four years and then come back out of retirement with a new collection of music made with a decent producer!


C'mon, give Madonna a break! Wait until the album comes out and then make judgements. At this point, it's all speculating. Whatever direction she takes, who knows it might be good. She might surprise all of us with a kick-ass album.


Sounds awful. Maybe she needs to do a Susan Boyle type of CD--maybe its time to do a good CD that will sell for a change. It's been a bad decade for Madonna already.


i have to admit..for the first time...i am scared...i have always loved every single album she puts out...but now..dont know..


American Life is one of her stonger albums.
The song Mother & Father...hello?


have not liked a thing since confessions. time for her to reconcile her dance strengths otherwise i fear even more interest will evaporate. Who the hell still listens to hip hop??


AMERICAN LIFE?!? Best album ever!!!


bad idea... i mean limp bizkit, kid rock?
give me a break [eyeroll]


totally agree with jason-ive been a fan for ever-but havent bought last few singles-not intrested in this stuff really.i think 'revolver' is dreadful!!!!really think she should retire now & let lady gaga take the throne.quit why youre ahead madge-dont become a sad old lady please!!!xx


I really do not understand going in this direction. Poor choice. I've always been there to buy every album and single, but this is the first time I have had no interest in what she is doing. I know she doesn't want to repeat herself, but dance is what she is good at. Furthermore, she's extremely good at taking the pop/dance genre and pushing it to a level not seen before. But rock/rap? Anyone remember her last foray into rap/rock? American Life. Need I say more?


oh no!!!!!!

Adam Hunt

sweet jesus, can it get any worse??




Oh, dear. Not sure I'm going to like this one!

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