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Dolce & Gabbana 'feared' hiring Madonna for campaign

Top Italian fashion designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana had to think twice before approaching Madonna and asking her to be the new face of their luxury label, because they feared a business deal would sour their friendship.
Madonna was unveiled as the spokesmodel for Dolce & Gabbana's spring/summer 2010 campaign last year when black and white shots of the pop superstar, taken by noted photographer Steven Klein, hit the Internet, and the celebrated designers admit they hesitated at the thought of working with the Material Girl.
Gabbana tells W Magazine, 'There was a sort of fear on our behalf of asking Madonna to do anything business. We thought it could impact our relationship, and Madonna is one of the few people we're really in awe of. To have Madonna in our campaign is a dream come true.'



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I don't think the article is vague at all!

What they are saying is, since they are long-time friends of M, having to NEGOTIATE a business deal/business terms may have proven problematical (M would definitely put the business aspect before the friendship aspect! LOL), meaning their friendship could have suffered as a result.

As they say, never mix business with pleasure.


the atricle doesnt say the black & white photos caused concern-it says working with madonna caused them concern-as theyre such good friends!!!xx


I agree, the article is vague.. Madonna knows how she likes to present her "art" (which is HERSELF, and her marketable image) Are Dolce and Gabbana saying that they feared creative differences could sever a friendship? Personally, i like the Marc Jacobs images better, because i dont understand the character she is playing in these black and whites...i dont get the emotion. The Klein/ Vuitton pictures were TOTALLY sexy and displayed her raw sex appeal.


Please explain the concern that the black-and-white photos caused Dolce & Gabbana.The article is vague in this regard.

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