Sticky & Sweet Tour: Werchter Fan Pictures - Part 3
Sticky & Sweet Tour: Werchter Fan Pictures - Part 4

Sticky & Sweet Tour DVD delayed

The release of Madonna's Sticky & Sweet Tour - Live in Buenos Aires DVD has been put back from a November/December release date.

Guy Oseary tweeted on his Twitter page about the DVD release date:

It will not be ready by then (December). We are working on finishing it. We will have more info soon on Stay tuned.


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Well at least we know they're working on it, but it would be nice if they could at least offer a ballpark on what they're estimated guess is. I think it's going to be done and out suddenly just like that before we know it. I imagine January/February 2010.


I am bummed! It was one of the best performances I've EVER seen and I want to see it again at home! (next best thing!)


since there is a major fight over the release rights (warner brothers and live nation) i wouldn't be surprised to see it released at all. Christmas would be the best time as it makes a great gift. Wait til spring and it will not sell as well. That is proven with CD's.

I seen it live and if it is delayed yet again, i won't further wait for it and just watch it online like so many others will.


I hope all this wait is f***ing worth it !!! I'm expecting LOTS of bonuses !!!

Black Heart

this is not a good news. boooooo.... I want this as a Christmas gift.... :(


i love sticky & sweet tour 2009.


Hopefully there will be a double release... 2008 and 2009 Sticky & Sweet tours :)

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