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Britney Channeled 'Classy' Madonna in Radar Video

Britney Spears has been compared to Madonna since she leapt onto the pop scene, dancing around in a schoolgirl uniform. The two did eventually hook up for 'Me Against the Music,' but Britney's video for 'Radar,' from her Circus album, really paid tribute to the pop queen and her ultra-glamorous Bedtime Stories period.
In the video, Britney is stuck in a love triangle with two very sexy polo players, who spend a good part of their time trying to woo Spears or riding their horses. Spears hooked up with 'Boys' director Dave Meyers for an ode to Madonna's 'Take a Bow.'
'That was the premise behind 'Radar.' [We were] looking for a way to take her into a contemporary, classy environment,' Meyers explained. 'I felt empowered by referencing Madonna's video. Britney hasn't done anything like that.'



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yeah, it doesn't look exactly the same as take a bow but of course it's inspired in it: slow motion and the part where britney looks at the men while they play polo is very similar to the part where madonna looks at the bullfighter.


The video sucked! LOL Doesn't really remind me of Take A Bow.

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