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Celebration: Thailand Fan Version Video

It was exactly one month ago that Thailand had it’s biggest Madonna 'Celebration' in the Asian Region. An overwhelming two thousand fans swarmed Thailand’s biggest shopping district at 'Siam Parc Paragon' celebrating the Queen of Pop’s 26 years in the entertainment industry.
Today, as a gift to the Madonna Fans in Thailand, Warner Music Thailand released the official 'Thailand Fan Version' music video of Celebration. The entire video shoot was filmed outdoors in the middle of main event, which explains for it’s quality.
The video will also be serviced to MTV Thailand, Channel V Thailand, Local Shopping Malls, and the BTS Skytrain. Warner Music Thailand has all reassured to the fans that the video will definitely be delivered to the Queen of Pop herself.
Even though the quality of the video may not be up to par with the International Fan Version (filmed in a studio) the video is sure to excite fans in Thailand and many across the world.

Thanks to Kit at Warner Music Thailand


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Thailand rocks! This video is great. You guys know your Madonna!


I live in Bangkok and I have to say Madonna is so popular in Thailand its crazy - her music is always on the radio, her videos are always on the big screens around the city everyone here Loves Madonna I think more than any other country!!

Madonna should come to Bangkok she would sell out easily!!!


love it!!!!!!!!!! Thais do it better!!!! i wonder who are better teenager 'new' fans, who are the majority in this video, or fans from the 80's??? i think we the new ones :) sorry the others haha!


I'm from Thailand and I'm happy for all the Madonna's fan that they can have a chance to do something like that, wish I was there, so yeah M, please come to Thailand next tour, whenever that will be, MJ came here twice, I think u should too!

Sebastian Thomas Sinclair

Try 27 years!! Her first single, "Everybody", came out in September of 1982!!

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