Madonna's Celebration Tops Euro Chart
Madonna to call into Kidd Kraddick's Radio Show

Celebration Promo CD and DVD Boxset

Here is a closer look at this highly collectable promo-only double CD and DVD Celebration boxset that has been produced in Europe for Warner Brothers inhouse and a few selected competition winners.

The boxset features the 2CD version of the album and the 2 DVDs and the LP-sized box features cutout standees of Madonna through the years.


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Lorraine Brady

I have one of these also. I won it on the local radio station. Im looking to sell this also so would anyone b interested ?? Its brand new never opened.


Yes it is Fantastic piece of Madonna memorabilia I won mine in a competition & have also listed it on item # 230418823544. I can live with the standard editions :)


i have one of these boxsets i won it in a competition and at the min am contemplating selling it so my son can have driving lessons


Regarding the ebay link above does anyone know why the seller relisted the item seeing as there were 58 bids on it. surely a second chance offer would have made sense if the seller had another one for sale. Does anyone else suspect something fishy going on?


I have one of the box sets and I can can confirm that it's a fantastic set! I love it!

The box is really chunky and well made with a magnetic clip and when you open it all of our favourite Madonna's pop up.. and mounted in the box are the double celebration cds and double dvds. I still to take them out of the box but as far I can tell they are just the same discs as I already have from the double cd and dvd that I bought in HMV. So don't worry there are no extra tracks or videos. It's just the presentation box!


Oh my god ! I would do just about anything for this celebration promo boxset 


they have one on ebay but its already over 4$4,000


Wow looks so fantastic.


Someone has one for sale on EBay....only 4K with 7 days left ;-)





That should be available to purchase. What a fantastic piece of Madonna merchandise.



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