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Madonna gave an interview to UK journalist Dan Cairns and featured on the cover of todays edition of Culture magazine that came with the The Sunday Times.

The British nerve centre for Madonna Inc is to be found in two adjoining townhouses in central London. The buildings are a home for the singer and her four children when they are in this country, plus offices and a personal gym. From the outside, the six-storey edifices are standard-issue London mansions - that is, way beyond the standards most of us are accustomed to. There is something impregnable about such streets: an air of discreet luxury pervades them. Litter seems not to blow or rattle down their immaculate expanses; no chewing gum or urgently expelled kebab encrusts their gleaming paving stones.
You might glance up at Madonna’s perfect residential pair and admire their symmetry, the cleanness of their architectural lines. But you would be more likely, unless you were a lurking paparazzo, not even to notice them; they are merely two houses in a long, wide street of the things. Anonymous, ordered, well maintained and with a touch of class. Madonna wouldn’t have it any other way.
'Where do you live?' she asks when we meet later. Dalston, I say. The name doesn’t register. Stoke Newington, I add as a pointer. 'That’s not even in London,' she scoffs. And it isn’t, to be fair. Or not in this London, at any rate.

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nope madonna has given better interviews to magazines,good descriptions yeh,,all his words tho u see?..anyway i just dunno why they used all the old info,,inlcl the cover pic...i meAN shes a huge star still!! c mon... :) !


The reason, joc, is probably because M gave him very little time for the interview and probably said very little, especially with Ms. Rosenberg hovering in the background.

It is alleged she initially refused to appear on Parkinson unless she could see the questions she was to be asked in advance. Parkinson said No, but Madonna still appeared!

I think it is an excellent article, too! I like the description of M's house...!

Black Heart

why they didn't censored the picture of the Queen during the Erotica era?


Excellent article!


a totally ridiculous interview ,,,by a ridiculous was all old babble...his words again,,,not hers.

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