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As hard as it may seem to believe, people DO still but physical albums, and you are simply looking at download (iTunes) positions.

M is the only artist for whom I still buy the physical album. When i went into my local HMV to buy it, there were quite a few people doing the same thing.




Those numbers are damn wrong! The 2 disc is number 4 on itunes and since its released it has never been higher than top 3, and the 1 disc is OFF THE LIST! so don't know where all these morons take that it is Gold in the UK just yet!
And the single is a total Flop! one version is off the top 10 already and the other version is in the 70's.
it never made it cross the top 70's in the US! just stayed one week in the Hot 100 and got stuck in the top 400 (lmao) in Airplay; a total Flop in Canada and only charted high high in some mediocre markets in Europe.


this album will be another number 1 for madge all around the world!!!

tina mine 2day,just waiting till monday to pick up the double dvd!!! defo for NO-1!!! ;)

Jason Burton

How about the single... is it still selling? x

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