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Rolling Stone Review of Celebration

Rob Sheffield of Rolling Stone gives Celebration 4/5 stars in this review:

What? No 'Hanky Panky'? Is this some kind of a joke? Given how obsessive her fans are, it's a thankless task for Madonna to assemble a two-CD hit collection. But from the opening one-two of 'Hung Up' and 'Music,' two of her best ever, Celebration kicks off with pure bliss and never lets up.
It's a dizzying, nonchronological spin through the Madonna years, years it makes you feel lucky to be living through. Her hitmaking genius is unmatched and - with the new Eurocheese blast 'Celebration' and the Lil Wayne duet 'Revolver' - undiminished. It's almost enough to make you forget that they left off 'Angel,' which is just plain crazypants.


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love the CD, but my favourites are her latest..Celebration and Revolver..its impossible to stand still...she jsut keeps getting better!!!!!


It must just be me - the "remastered" tracks sound the same to me....


I just love celebration. it's true what Rob Sheffield says cause we all have something to complain about those songs not included but it always happens in compilations of all singers!

Kevin N.

Hey Now that Celebration's out on the shelves or ready for download (thankyou Itunes) would it be impossible to get a third companion disc for fans who want songs like: Angel, Rain, Fever, Deeper and Deeper, Bedtime Story, Nothing Really Matters, I Want You, Love Don't Live Here Anymore, Nobody Knows Me, Drowned World/Substitute For Love, etc, Remastered as well!

Or maybe Warner's Bros. can get off their collective asses and Remaster M's albums: Like a Prayer, Erotica, Bedtime Stories next. It's about freaking time!


Am glad to live in Madonna era.

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