Celebration lights up Los Angeles
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thanks daniel!


photos from the begining of her career are always fascinating.
well for those of you who don't speak italian I give you a resume:

THE article was writen by Peter Cunningham himself! he starts saying (or writing) that liz rosemberg used to call him for new projects and one day, at the end of the 1982 summer, liz sent him a singer from the east village. he says he wasn't impressed by this unkown girl who only had one name: madonna and who had recorded a song that hadn't been released at the time yet.

MADONNA arrived alone to his studio, dressed and put on makeup herself. soon, he says, he would see how wrong he was about her. they had fun together and, he says, "she was the perfect companion for adventure for a photographer who loved playing. we were like two kids in a amusement park.”

THEY walked aroung the village and soho streets and madonna was incredibly relaxed and he tooked the photos in different places. he says everything was easy with her and were toghether the whole day.

SOME days later, always confident and friendly, she returned to get the photos. he liked her a lot but never thought she could become a queen of the cultural universe. before she went away, she stoped and looked at him for an instant "as if she was considering me as a man for the first time.” then she turned quickly and said goodbye: their relationship was born and ended in that amusement park.

"I UNDERSTOOD in that moment how wrong I was obout her music and her potential for success. Because talent per se is just one of the necessary ingredients for becoming an icon. you also need an absolute self sense and know what way to go. virtues very few artists have. and it’s like that that madonna became the star among the stars.”

hope you liked it!


I absolutely LOVE the photo of M in front of the graffiti - superb! Fits in very nicely with the slightly 'punk' feel of the Celebration cover theme.




amazing the way excercise/muscle can just transform a persons expressions, whole look.


Oh so great and never seen it before!

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