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Debi Mazar: 'I'll make Madonna vote for me'

Madonna's long-time friend Debi Mazar is starring in the new season of Dancing with the Stars on US TV. Debi was interviewed by and of course was asked about Madonna: Will Madonna ever drop by or make an appearance on the show?
Mazar: Oh, definitely not! Never! First of all, she just ended a world tour and Madonna's never seen Dancing with the Stars.
The tabloids wrote that she called me. Madonna doesn't call anybody on tour. I e-mailed her to go, 'Oh my God! I've taken this job called Dancing with the Stars! My feet are killing me! Should I rehearse in flats?' She goes, 'Oh, I always rehearse in heels. I'm really good at ballroom dancing.' [Laughs] And that's the only advice she gave me!
In terms of coming to see me - no. She's busy. With the amount of attention and cameras coming here, she wouldn't want to be involved in all of this. But I'll make her vote and make her spread the word. She doesn't really watch TV, but she'll TiVo me.


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