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Celebration Released in Some Countries Today

Some lucky countries in Europe got their taste of Celebration today with the release of the album this morning. One great surprise was the inclusion of a small fold out poster in the CD (see picture below by madonnalicious reader happycamper).

Posters were plastered around Ireland advertising the release of the album in the country today as this picture shows - also taken by madonnalicious reader happycamper.

Some eagle-eyed fans have also spotted some mistakes in the credits on the CD - madonnalicious reader Richaod noted these:

- William Orbit is credited for production on La Isla Bonita (along with Madonna and Patrick Leonard, strangely) and Die Another Day (instead of Mirwais).
- On the songwriting credits for Dress You Up, 'Andrea LaRusso' has now become 'Andrew LaRusso'.
- And in the songwriting credits for Celebration, 'Ciaran Gribbin' is now 'Ciarian Gribbin'.


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Black Heart

FINALLY! I got a copy and I bought two of them. One for the car and the other on my collection at home. The writings above regarding the errors in printing is true. William Orbit for La Isla? Did they rush this one without proof reading?

Now I am praying for the DVD release. :)

Black Heart

I heard the album was launched in the Philippines thru Fully Booked and was available on other record bars last Sept 21. Though one fan note that the disc is not yet available. Gee.... I have to check the stores too....


Quite a mastering errors too!!
Music - 7/8 seconds in
Like a Prayer - 10 seconds in after "life"
Sorry - 4 seconds in


Andy Medcraft

Ours touch down today - although reports in the media have been sketchy as to today or next week. TV ad lastnight says "today" as does the article in the times... can't friggin' wait...

Maria K.

BOUGHT MINE TODAY here in Holland 2Disc version!
"Oh and you get a book for free.... "

Madonna Like An Icon


Just got my copy!! It looks and sounds absolutely fantastic. Kicking things off is a 5min 38sec remaster (it's all remastered of course) of HUNG UP (has it ever sounded this good?), VOGUE is the same version featured on IC, LIKE A PRAYER is the full-length album cut, OPEN YOUR HEART and SORRY sound amazing and that foldout poster is so cute. Initially, like most fans, I was very disapponted at the inclusions and exclusions but now I have it, I couldn't care less (one small complaint is a lyric booklet would've been perfect for this special collection). Still, it's flat-out beautiful and a souvenir of a still-going-strong extraordinary career from The Queen...a big kiss to you from Brisbane, Australia...xoxo


Australia also got there copies early, picked mine up yesterday


The poster next to Celebration...Guy Pratt, he played bass on a number of tracks on the Like A Prayer album including the infamous bassline on the title track!

Andy Medcraft

What? Spelling errors and credit errors? Released already? Who? What? When? Where? Why?

Kevin McNamara

Hi does any one know if it is to be released on vinyl?

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