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Sticky & Sweet Tour: London Fan Pictures - Part 11

Celebration 'Fan' Video Version Released

The second Celebration video featuring fans shot in Barcelona and Milan during the Sticky & Sweet Tour has premiered today on Madonna's official MySpace page.

This is the video that features Lourdes in the Like A Virgin wedding dress and other tour dancers dressed up in the She's Not Me costumes. We even get a cameo from Paul Oakenfold and tour dancer Kento doing his Michael Jackson tribute.

To view the video visit this link at vids.myspace.com


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I really hated this version, the first one was better

Allie M

Luv it more than the first one! It looks like everyone had a ball making it.

Luv, luv, luv Lola she looks soo beautiful very like mum


that should of been the video put out first... brings a smile to your face everyone havin a giggle to it... something that seems to have been lackin of late from miss ciccone! love seein her smile, and missin it.

lola looks wicked as the don, and the whole energy is lifted in this video.

sadly i think the way its been held off and then then lack of the madonna machine gearing up for the release of what is to be the final partnership with warners is gonna be the downfall of this single... fingers & toes crossed for the album though.

stephen brooks

Love this version,should have been the official video....do we think lola is being primed for future stardom ??
Love u Madonna,can't wait to start the Celebration

John Paul

lourdes looks so much like a younger madonna in this video, especially when she does that pout, soo pretty.

adam facinelli

i love it. it's more fan-friendly...plus..with the involvement from the fans , it shows how ICONIC madonna is..the MJ tribute is superb! and lola is awesome!
too much skin tho! [ not from Her Madgesty! ]...with these version and mix it up with the earlier version [ more skilled dancer ], this could be one helluva video!

but still awesome!!

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