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Madonna videos to return to YouTube

Google Inc.'s YouTube reached an agreement with Warner Music Group Corp. that will bring artists including Madonna and Metallica back to the video-sharing site.
Warner Music will be able to sell its own ads on the site and the 'vast majority' of the revenue will go to the record label, Chris Maxcy, director of YouTube Partner Development, said Tuesday on a conference call.
With this accord, YouTube now has agreements with all four major record labels. Warner Music Chairman and CEO Edgar Bronfman pulled his company's videos from YouTube, the world's most popular video-sharing site, in December after discussions over royalties failed.
'It's a win for artists and fans around the world, and it represents many months of hard work for both companies,' Maxcy said.
Videos from Warner Music artists will return to YouTube by year-end, Maxcy said. Warner plans to hire outside agencies to sells ads and find partnerships, such as sponsorships of videos and artists.
'Members of the YouTube community will not only be able to access videos and other music-related content from Warner Music Group recording artists and songwriters, but will also gain access to an enhanced user experience on YouTube with a feature-rich, high-quality premium player and enhanced channels,' Warner Music said in an e-mailed statement.

From Bloomberg News

Celebration giveaways in Washington D.C.

madonnalicious reader Aric got a great surprise when he went to buy the Celebration CD and DVD yesterday:

Yesterday I kicked off work early to go to pick up the Celebration 2CD and DVD at Melody Records in Washington, D.C. and they told me when you buy both you get a free Madonna poster! It's 2 X 3 ft. poster size and numbered 1184/5000. I don't know if this is happening elsewhere but it made my Madonna day even happier.

Rolling Stone Review of Celebration

Rob Sheffield of Rolling Stone gives Celebration 4/5 stars in this review:

What? No 'Hanky Panky'? Is this some kind of a joke? Given how obsessive her fans are, it's a thankless task for Madonna to assemble a two-CD hit collection. But from the opening one-two of 'Hung Up' and 'Music,' two of her best ever, Celebration kicks off with pure bliss and never lets up.
It's a dizzying, nonchronological spin through the Madonna years, years it makes you feel lucky to be living through. Her hitmaking genius is unmatched and - with the new Eurocheese blast 'Celebration' and the Lil Wayne duet 'Revolver' - undiminished. It's almost enough to make you forget that they left off 'Angel,' which is just plain crazypants.

Madonna equals Elvis with 11 top-selling albums in Britain

Madonna secured her 11th number one album in Britain on Sunday when her greatest hits collection 'Celebration' shot to the top of the charts - equalling Elvis Presley's record.
The pop diva's collection of 36 hits spanning her lengthy career knocked Muse's 'The Resistance' from the number one position in its debut week, the Official UK Charts Company said.
The singer has now matched Elvis Presley's record of 11 number one albums for a solo artist in Britain, and is four behind The Beatles who hold the all-time record of 15 top-selling albums, according to the company, which compiles the weekly rundown.
Madonna also becomes the most successful female solo artist of all time in Britain with the most weeks at the top of the album charts - 29 - the most number one singles - 13 - and the most chart doubles for topping the singles and album charts simultaneously - four, the company said.

From AFP Via Yahoo! News

Celebration in New York City

madonnalicious reader Akash has sent in this report about how Celebration is doing in the New York City area:

Just wanted to let you know that Celebration is getting a lot of promotion in the NYC area. I see posters everywhere in Manhattan and I've actually been hearing Celebration on the radio on 103.5 KTU and Pulse 87.7. And Fresh 102.7 is making tomorrow a Madonna Monday. This is the first time in a looong time they've been promoting a Madonna album this much!

Celebration UK Album Midweeks

Great news from the UK Album Midweek figures released yesterday, Madonna's Celebration album is still well out infront at #1.

#1 Madonna 41.9k
#2 Muse 30.1k
#3 Dizzee Rascal 30k
#4 Mika 25.6k
#5 Pearl Jam 18.4k

If Madonna stays at #1 it will be her 11th UK #1 album and she will equal Elvis's total of 11 UK #1 albums. The PRS for Music society is already calling it a 'truly astonishing achievement'.

Thanks to Chris

Celebration DVD Digi-Pack

Here is a closer look at the packaging for the Celebration DVD Digi-Pack. The two-disc package contains another fold-out poster similar to the one in the album but with details about the video on one side and a large version of the front-cover picture on the other side.

The sticker on the outer packaging states that all the videos have been digitally remastered from the original tapes.

Madonna launches four-week MSN campaign

Warner Brothers Music has launched a four-week campaign for Madonna’s greatest hits album with the first takeover of the MSN Artist of the Month slot.
The campaign for the Celebration album and DVD will feature up to 45 video clips hosted across the portal, as Madonna takes over the prime editorial slot on MSN Music.
The release also features across MSN Messenger and Video.
Surrounding activity, planned by media agency ZenithOptimedia, includes display activity across sites such as Heat, MySpace and Popjustice. The campaign will also be tied into existing Facebook and Twitter profiles.
Katherine Parrott, marketing manager at Warner Brothers Music, said new video was being distributed throughout the campaign to maintain high levels of interest from fans.
'By taking over the Artist of the Month slot it acts as a long-term offering to remind people it’s out,' she said. 'We wanted to try something a bit different and used the success we had online in the past with Lily Allen campaigns.'

To view the Artist of the Month page visit


Debi Mazar: 'I'll make Madonna vote for me'

Madonna's long-time friend Debi Mazar is starring in the new season of Dancing with the Stars on US TV. Debi was interviewed by and of course was asked about Madonna: Will Madonna ever drop by or make an appearance on the show?
Mazar: Oh, definitely not! Never! First of all, she just ended a world tour and Madonna's never seen Dancing with the Stars.
The tabloids wrote that she called me. Madonna doesn't call anybody on tour. I e-mailed her to go, 'Oh my God! I've taken this job called Dancing with the Stars! My feet are killing me! Should I rehearse in flats?' She goes, 'Oh, I always rehearse in heels. I'm really good at ballroom dancing.' [Laughs] And that's the only advice she gave me!
In terms of coming to see me - no. She's busy. With the amount of attention and cameras coming here, she wouldn't want to be involved in all of this. But I'll make her vote and make her spread the word. She doesn't really watch TV, but she'll TiVo me.

Michael Jackson rejected Madonna song

Michael Jackson approached good friend Madonna to write a song for him - but rejected a track the Material Girl penned because it was too 'provocative'.
The King Of Pop became friends with the singer in the early 1990s, and the pair often accompanied each other to events.
Jackson was keen to work professionally with his pal, but turned down a track she offered him because of its raunchy lyrics.
Madonna admits she was shocked by the rejection - because the Thriller hitmaker knew provocative songs were her signature sound.
She says, 'We spent time together and became friends. It just never happened. I wrote words and presented them to him, but he didn't want to go there.'
'He didn't want to be provocative. I said, 'Well, why come to me?' It's like asking Quentin Tarantino to not put any violence in his films. I felt he was too shy.'


UK Press: The Sunday Times

Madonna gave an interview to UK journalist Dan Cairns and featured on the cover of todays edition of Culture magazine that came with the The Sunday Times.

The British nerve centre for Madonna Inc is to be found in two adjoining townhouses in central London. The buildings are a home for the singer and her four children when they are in this country, plus offices and a personal gym. From the outside, the six-storey edifices are standard-issue London mansions - that is, way beyond the standards most of us are accustomed to. There is something impregnable about such streets: an air of discreet luxury pervades them. Litter seems not to blow or rattle down their immaculate expanses; no chewing gum or urgently expelled kebab encrusts their gleaming paving stones.
You might glance up at Madonna’s perfect residential pair and admire their symmetry, the cleanness of their architectural lines. But you would be more likely, unless you were a lurking paparazzo, not even to notice them; they are merely two houses in a long, wide street of the things. Anonymous, ordered, well maintained and with a touch of class. Madonna wouldn’t have it any other way.
'Where do you live?' she asks when we meet later. Dalston, I say. The name doesn’t register. Stoke Newington, I add as a pointer. 'That’s not even in London,' she scoffs. And it isn’t, to be fair. Or not in this London, at any rate.

To read the complete interview visit

Events: London Celebration Party

London's first night of Celebration kicks off at GoGoDisco @ Ghetto on Friday 25th September from 8:00pm and promises to be a fun packed and unique event including a Madonna quiz, a rare one-off screening of the 80's cult movie DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN and exclusive remixes and videos curtsey of the Metatempus team.

The night is being sponsored by Warner Music UK, Conde Nast and Live Nation so expect lots of prizes to be won. Throughout the night there'll be lots of classic Madonna tracks, drink deals, sweets and other shenanigans will also be doing the rounds! Come dressed in your favourite Madonna look and get in for half price!

£3 with flyer b4 11 (printable from myspace and facebook), £4 after
Please join the group at for guestlist entry and updates

Madonna's Celebration - Resurrecting a Pop Single

Music journalist Bill Lamb has written an interesting piece on the chart fate of the Celebration single on his blog at Bill's Top 40 / Pop Blog:

Just a few weeks ago it looked like Madonna's single 'Celebration' would be distinctly disappointing in its chart and sales performance. In the UK BBC Radio 1 had failed to playlist the song with comments indicating the powers that be thought she was not appealing enough to a younger demographic. In the US the story was not much better. 'Celebration' opened at #71 on the Billboard Hot 100 and then quietly disappeared. The song has been a #1 dance hit, the 40th for Madonna, but it seems the pop music world was unimpressed.
What a difference a few weeks makes. In the UK the BBC elected to move 'Celebration' from the BBC Radio 2 playlist to the BBC Radio 1 'B' list. With a bit more support, it could move up to the top playlist. With the official release this week it looks like Madonna may roll into a top 3 debut on this week's UK pop singles chart.
Back on the other side of the Atlantic in the US, it's still an open question whether the song can be turned into a pop hit, but a clever new video could help considerably. Jonas Akerlund, director of the official 'Celebration' video, has put together a 'fan version' featuring a wide range of Madonna fans edited in with the star herself. It is being heavily promoted on MySpace and quite possibly could regenerate interest in the single. Don't give up on 'Celebration' just yet.

Celebration: One-CD Edition

The one-CD edition of Celebration features a slightly different cover and reverse artwork to the two-CD version. Unlike the two-CD version this version does not contain the artwork booklet but just a fold-out insert which contains the song details on one side and a larger version of the front cover on the other side.

Rep denies Madonna and Janet Jackson meeting

Earlier reports this week that Madonna and Janet Jackson had dinner after the MTV VMAs and planned to work together at some point have been denied by Madonna's rep as Access Hollywood reports:

When contacted by Access Hollywood, however, a rep for Madonna said the report was not true. Additionally rumors that the two ladies went to dinner together following the VMAs also did not happen, the rep said.

Madonna: 'I appreciate every single one of you'

Here is Madonna's thank you's at the end of the credits on the Celebration CD:

Thank you to Michael Rosenblatt for bringing me to Seymour Stein who made it possible for me to make music.
Thank you to my Warner Bros Records family for all your hard work and effort throughout the years.
Special thanks to all the fans for your love and support. I appreciate every single one of you.

Celebration Released in Some Countries Today

Some lucky countries in Europe got their taste of Celebration today with the release of the album this morning. One great surprise was the inclusion of a small fold out poster in the CD (see picture below by madonnalicious reader happycamper).

Posters were plastered around Ireland advertising the release of the album in the country today as this picture shows - also taken by madonnalicious reader happycamper.

Some eagle-eyed fans have also spotted some mistakes in the credits on the CD - madonnalicious reader Richaod noted these:

- William Orbit is credited for production on La Isla Bonita (along with Madonna and Patrick Leonard, strangely) and Die Another Day (instead of Mirwais).
- On the songwriting credits for Dress You Up, 'Andrea LaRusso' has now become 'Andrew LaRusso'.
- And in the songwriting credits for Celebration, 'Ciaran Gribbin' is now 'Ciarian Gribbin'.

Madonna's Single 'Revolver,' With Lil Wayne, Hits Web

Madonna's single with Lil Wayne, 'Revolver,' has finally landed in its full form. In the past several months, variations of the Celebration song leaked, but now the official version is out.
'My love's a revolver,' Madonna sings on the sugary ditty. 'My sex is a killer/ Do you wanna die happy?'
Guest-verse sniper Weezy F. Baby comes in later and gives himself loads of big-ups when it comes to the women. 'Bang/ The shooting name is Wayne,' he raps. 'The victim didn't complain, she just screamed, 'Shoot again'/ I gave her extra rounds/ My barrel twist around/ I am Mr. Shoot 'Em Down/ I leave hearts on the ground.'
This 'revolver' shouldn't be confused with Lil Wayne's Cool & Dre-produced 'Hot Revolver,' which leaked from the Rebirth recording sessions.
'Revolver' appears on Madonna's upcoming greatest-hits collection Celebration, which is due September 29.


Celebration 'Fan' Video Version Released

The second Celebration video featuring fans shot in Barcelona and Milan during the Sticky & Sweet Tour has premiered today on Madonna's official MySpace page.

This is the video that features Lourdes in the Like A Virgin wedding dress and other tour dancers dressed up in the She's Not Me costumes. We even get a cameo from Paul Oakenfold and tour dancer Kento doing his Michael Jackson tribute.

To view the video visit this link at

Celebration/MySpace Game are happy to launch a Celebration/MySpace game: Are you ready to show us your own version of Madonna’s new video?

To do so, just follow the below instructions:

- Dress up in your favorite Madonna looks.
- Film your own version of the ‘Celebration’ video
- Upload it to MySpace and send us the link at [email protected] by Sunday, September 27th.

We’ll feature some of the best ones on and!

Thanks to Michael