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Will Madonna Perform at the Video Music Awards?!

Madonna may be 51, but don't you dare think for even a second that she's too old for MTV.
There's a rumor flying around that the Queen of Pop will perform her new single 'Celebration' at next month's Video Music Awards in New York City.
Those set to perform during the show, which takes place Sept. 13 at Radio City Music Hall, include Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, Pink, Taylor Swift, Green Day and Muse.
Madonna's rep insists there are no plans for the VMAs this year. But let's say it does actually happen - would she be able to top some of her most memorable past appearances?
Who will ever forget Madge swapping spit with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera in 2003?
And for those of us old enough to remember, Madonna first made her mark at the VMAs way back in 1984, when she rolled around the Radio City Music Hall stage in a white wedding gown and matching lacy gloves while performing 'Like a Virgin.'
'Celebration' is the title track of Madonna's upcoming greatest hits compilation. The VMAs certainly would make the perfect venue to promote the new release, as it drops Sept. 29.

From E! Online - thanks to Matthew


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I really hope so!!!!


I heard that rumoe weeks ago!

Kevin N.

I really hope this is a "true" story in the making. I'd love to see Madonna make a big splash at the MTV awards for her new single CELEBRATION! I think it'd be the best single event she could do to get the spotlight in the US back on her even if only for a little while.

And who knows with a big splash she might get some tv and radio synchronicty. Maybe even get some new fans for her songs.

That said what would be the point of making a new Greatest hits Double album if you're not going to promote it, REALLY promote it.

At this point only the stalwart fans are probably going to buy it. I mean I've bought all her Albums and most of her maxi-singles since Justify My Love, including the Immaculate Collection, Something to Remember and GHV2(which I regret) so why should I shill out more money for songs I already own several times over.

Are the songs going to be remastered and remixed the way Like a Prayer and Express Yourself on the Immaculate Collection were?

Or are they going to be exactly the same as the album versions except louder clearer and probably edited shorter to fit more songs the way GHV2 was?

If anyone knows that, please drop a comment cause I'd like to know. The remixes of her older catalog that can be heard on her I've Going to Tell You a Secret docu, and at her concerts(and live albums) would be enuf of an incentive for me to break out the wallet and get the new greatest hits album.

Now that we're in the 2000's Who really wants to hear the same 1980's versions most of us already own and have heard again and again for 2 decades now.

That and will the Reinvention Tour ever make it to DVD or digital download status? I'd buy that.

You know a great feature and coup for this website would be to get Guy Oseary or someone like that to review fan questions about plans for madonna products in the pipeline. And for the Madonna management team to get a better, clearer idea of what Madonna fans want and are willing to pay for.

Thanks for your attention and as Super Awesome Singing Dancing Divas go Make Mine Madonna! Peace & Blessings

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